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Doshi: Buy and receive crypto regardless of your age

Meet Jaco and Daniel, the developers of a new app that makes cryptocurrencies understandable and accessible for teens.

The world is changing and with it many time-honored truths. For example, it has long been the case that people no longer have to pay with cash alone but can easily carry out their transactions using a credit or debit card. The latest step into a new monetary system has come with the emergence of cryptocurrencies. But while it is possible for young people to make transactions with cash and even open a bank account with their parents’ permission, it is still difficult for them to own a crypto wallet.

A startup called Doshi wants to change that. For young people under 18, it offers an app that enables them to create a digital wallet with cryptocurrencies — with their parent’s permission — and even trade in crypto. “We are convinced that Web3 has a place in the future of money, gaming, digital ownership and much more” says Jaco Koenig, co-founder of Doshi. “That’s why it’s even more important that children and young people also learn how to use it. Of course, parents continue to function as gatekeepers to this product, but Doshi is a safe and educational way to approach such a powerful but daunting subject.”

Doshi is both an app for trading cryptocurrencies and a learning platform. Through it, children and young people can learn about everything crypto-related, with answers to questions such as: What is the blockchain? How do I create a wallet? What currencies are there? What are NFTs? The information is presented with small videos, gifs, and texts — all easy to understand, for teenagers and adults.

“We also want to improve parents’ understanding of crypto through this educational hub,” explains co-founder Daniel Rose. “The skepticism about cryptocurrencies comes mainly from the fact that many adults still don’t understand how it all works. Doshi can become the starting point of a joint journey for kids and their parents into the world of cryptocurrencies.” Above all, it should be fun, and to that end, Daniel and Jaco have gamified Doshi’s learning center: Following the concept of “learn to earn”, users can win prizes, such as NFTs, throughout the courses.

To ensure that parents can still sleep soundly, the founders of Doshi have built safety mechanisms into the app. Children and teens can only get a wallet with their parent’s permission. Parents must also allow crypto to be sent or purchased.

After completing his studies in finance and entrepreneurship at Boston University, Daniel joined his family’s clothing company as director of marketing. His main job was to build its e-commerce store and improve the user experience. A few years later, he worked at a company that helped startups get their ideas off the ground and met Jaco through a mutual friend.

“I’m from Venezuela but unfortunately I had to emigrate from there due to its political turmoil,” Jaco says. “Venezuela is dominated by a corrupt and mafia-like government — I didn’t want that for my life.” Starting his career at a company that sold marble, Jaco taught himself to code whilst commuting and then began working on his first app. Later, he developed close to 20 apps to various clients. “I had numerous ideas in my head, but it wasn’t until I met Daniel and told him about an app that would make crypto accessible to teens that I knew I could go all in,” Jaco continues.

As early as next month, a beta English language version of Doshi will be available in Europe, the UK, and the USA. In addition to the app, its founders are also pursuing another dream. “I want Doshi to eventually become a company not only for kids but run by kids. They decide how it looks and feels. That’s the direction I imagine,” says Jaco.

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