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GerneOhne: Online grocery shopping with zero waste

Meet Sergey, Michael and Eduardo: The three friends and founders of GerneOhne established an online shopping platform, where people can buy groceries without plastic packaging.

Online shopping is booming, and not just since Covid-19. Clothes, shoes, wardrobes — we buy almost everything online, and the tools for doing so are getting better all the time. You can now even do your weekly shopping at the nearest supermarket online and have it delivered. So everything is fine! If there wasn’t always the huge pile of garbage that you have to deal with after unpacking.

In numerous stationary stores, you can now buy pasta, flour or nuts without plastic packaging — both in the metropolises and in more and more rural areas. The startup GerneOhne transfers this concept to online shopping. As a zero-waste online supermarket, customers can order their noodles from home and have them delivered without plastic packaging.

“Our soft launch was on the first of July,” says Michael Sixl, co-founder of GerneOhne, “Back then we still did everything ourselves: taking orders and packing them and then taking them to the post office.” In the meantime, the business has grown to the point where an entire warehouse is filled with the products GerneOhne offers, and employees handle the processing of orders.

The principle is simple: customers order food online. The products are delivered to them in reusable jars without additional deposit costs, empty jars can be sent back to GerneOhne by mail. “In this way, you get your shopping delivered to your home throughout Germany in a plastic-free and climate-neutral way,” says Eduardo Castañeda, also a founder of GerneOhne. “Currently we have dry ingredients on offer, so nuts or muesli, but also gingerbread spice or dried apricots.” Through Covid-19, more and more people have now switched to ordering their groceries online — which accelerated GerneOhne’s growth.

All three founders met each other through the food industry and are now friends. Their mission is clear: “We all want our children to have a future on the planet, so we are very concerned about preventing its further littering,” says Michael. Their third companion Sergey Gladyshev is already a father himself and serves as CTO at GerneOhne. He is the IT expert of the team. Born in Moscow, he also made Germany his home, just like Eduardo, who is originally from Mexico. Sergey already worked at Procter & Gamble, Abbott Laboratories, and Healthy Food Delivery.

CEO Michael is an expert in supply chain management and procurement, he has worked for foodora, Evertracker, and several consulting firms such as Deloitte. Eduardo is the marketing expert of Gerne Ohne and has worked for Microsoft, foodpanda, and Delivery Hero. Together the three of them are making a perfect startup match.

The next step of GerneOhne will be the offer of same-day delivery, at least in the city of their headquarters. And Eduardo says: “What would a grocery store be without fresh products? In the medium term, vegetables or goods from the refrigerator will also be available at GerneOhne — everything in organic quality, of course.”

Follow the journey of GerneOhne on LinkedIn.




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