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Dreamers and Doers: The Future of Mobility

After our Dreamers and Doers event, APX’s Managing Director Henric sat down with us to explain more about the mobility industry. Read more about it below.

What is the biggest trend you’ve noticed in mobility investment?

If I have to name just one, this would be micro-mobility, particularly electric (kick) scooters and bikes. We recently saw quite a number of financing rounds across the globe — way beyond Lime and Bird -, including in Germany, with Tier, Flash, or Wind Mobility raising significant amounts in the tens of millions.

Talking about kick scooters, something that is gaining traction in other European cities, how is Berlin adapting to this?

As of today, it’s still illegal to ride electric kick scooters in Germany. That’s not a Berlin issue though. Road traffic law is federal law. According to the Ministry of Transport electric kick scooters will be legalized still in the first quarter of 2019. I hope that companies have learned from the experiences of bike-sharing services in the past. Piles of twisted bikes lying around in the streets don’t seem like smart, sustainable mobility solutions to me.

What are your mobility predictions for 2019?

What interests me most is the next step, that is, businesses building on electric mobility or micro mobility services. For example, we invested in GetHenry, a startup that provides access to various types of electric scooters or bikes through flexible and affordable subscription as well as rent-to-own plans.

What kind of mobility startups is APX looking for?

APX invests in startups that pursue digital business models. That’s why our dealflow is focussed on software-based businesses, for example in smart mobility or connected cars, rather than on hardware-based businesses around electrification, or, for the most part, autonomous driving. We’re also very interested in startups that offer solutions in the logistics space, and this typically involves mobility, too.

What’s your favorite mode of transportation and why?

For me, that’s riding my bicycle. I can’t get anywhere faster in Berlin, don’t have to find parking, and can be in fresh air.



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