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Each week we bring to you one of our APX family members. We’ve asked them a few questions so you can get to know them better. They are the team that support the APX founders go from good to great.
This week we want introduce you to Danika, who is a Dual-Student and supports the DealflowGen-team.

How does your Morning routine look like?
I wake up and listen to my news Podcast (ZEIT “was jetzt?”), lie in bed as long as possible. Only to set a new record in getting ready for work

Addiction you can’t get rid off at work and why?
Running after the office dogs.

If APX was to invest into your startup idea what would it be and why would you create it?
Something like Google Maps, just for big supermarkets like Kaufland in order to show me where I can find the products I’m looking for. It would save a lot of time for everyone, especially because I wouldn’t always have to go back and forth to get everything I need!



The latest stories about APX, our portfolio and the European startup culture.

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