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Moving From Accelerator to very-early-stage VC: How APX Invests in Startups as of 2021

On our vision for APX, the journey from accelerator to Long-Term Venture Partner, and the goal to support even more of the best startups from Europe and beyond.

Close collaboration with our investors

Our brand new carbon-neutral APX office will (post-corona) be a community hub for our portfolio.

Going from accelerator to VC

Photo from an APX investor event at the Axel Springer Journalistenclub back in 2018. Remember how networking events used to look like pre-covid?

It also always felt weird for the startups (and us) that we would only be there for them during the first 100 intense days and then turn into a relatively hands-off co-investor for the remainder of their financing process.

Our new office has areas dedicated to the various challenges of every-day work.

Our new investment strategy

We now have funding of 55 million Euros, more than doubling the money we have for investments.

Unique Data-Based Insights

After our initial investment, when teams demonstrate momentum, we will commit up to 500,000€ as co-investor.

APX 2021 — a VC, not an accelerator

This also means we do not have an accelerator program anymore.



The latest stories about APX, our portfolio and the European startup culture.

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