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MySecondEar: The first fully digital hearing-aid provider

Meet Niklas and Julian. With MySecondEar, they are on a mission to make finding the optimal hearing aids easier by offering a fully digital solution.

Audiologists going digital

All of this is happening digitally, so people considering a hearing aid don’t have to go to an audiologist every few days. A problem occurred to Niklas, who has been wearing hearing aids for more than 20 years. Some years ago, he needed new ones again and was looking for offers in Passau, Braunschweig, and Berlin.
“I’ve seen three different prices in different states and was quite surprised,” says Niklas. He was about to move to Copenhagen while having his audiologist in Braunschweig, where he lived. With little digitization in this market, this would mean that he had to travel back and forth between Denmark and Germany just to finish the long fitting process. MySecondEar aims to break down all these barriers.

Started in the kitchen

The idea for MySecondEar came when the co-founders had both started new jobs two weeks apart from each other.



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