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New season: A founder’s podcast guide to the earliest stages of building a business

On each episode of season 2 of ‘The Early Stages Podcast by APX’, we bring together founders and experts to discuss one key topic for building a company from scratch. New episodes coming every second week this year.

As an earliest-stage VC with more than 130 companies in its portfolio, APX helps the founders we invest in by enabling and facilitating meaningful learning exchange between all the founders. We organize events and have custom-built our platform APX.network to make cross-portfolio exchange sharing simple. Each startup journey is unique, but many of the steps have been walked by others, and getting insights from founders about these can unlock shortcuts and fast-forward you on your venture path.

On ‘The Early Stages Podcast by APX’, we share some of these unique insights from our portfolio, so that more founders can benefit from their experiences. The first season of ‘The Early Stages Podcast by APX’ was launched in 2020 as a six-step basic guide to starting your own company — from idea to growth to beyond. But everyone who has started their own business knows that there’s a lot more to cover.

That’s why we’ve launched a season two, where we dig deeper into one key topic around starting your own business. Topics such as timing, hiring, growing, fundraising, leading, pivoting, networking, and a whole lot more. But step by step, piece by piece it all comes together, and you start to see the bigger picture.

This podcast aims to demystify entrepreneurship and detangle its main topics through open, honest discussions with founders and experts, to guide you through everything you need to know about building a successful company from scratch. We hope to inspire new founders to start their own companies and bring recently founded businesses on an even more successful venture path. So if you’re thinking of starting your own business, already did, or just have an interest in the startup ecosystem of Europe, we think this podcast is for you.

New episodes are published every second week. Follow us on your preferred podcast platform and on the APX social channels to never miss an episode.




The latest stories about APX, our portfolio and the European startup culture.

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