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getquin: Helping people to manage their money themselves

Meet Raphael and Christian. Together with their team they are building investment software to create, monitor, and optimize investment portfolios for everyone in a seamless way.

Photo by Dominik Tryba

Investing is something for people who have experience in this field for years, right?

getquin co-founder Raphael Steil disagrees. Together with his co-founder Christian Rokitta, they’re on a mission to make investing available for a broader and younger audience. They offer a consumer application that focuses on a combination of education, personalized advice, and superior user-centric product experience.

Besides offering a blog and a podcast to educate the younger generation on Exchange-traded fund (ETF) investing, their main product is the getquin app that helps you to create a portfolio and gives you recommendations on where to invest.

“If you go to a pizza restaurant, the waiter will never ask for money to tell you which pizza you should order. We want to do the same for financial products”, explains Raphael.

From private banking to starting their own business

Both co-founders worked in banking before and were always interested in investing. Raphael, who takes care of the business side, studied finance, worked as a private banker in Luxembourg, and later relocated to one of Europe’s financial centers, London, to work in mergers and acquisitions. Christian, on the other hand, handles everything tech-related as he started programming besides studying finance and later on working in banking.

During his time in London, Raphael started to follow closely fintech entrepreneurs. This is how he met Christian. Both shared the same vision of making investing finally accessible and this via a B2C oriented app. Some months later, Raphael decided to quit his day job to start working on getquin full-time together.

“First we focused on designing the app properly to make it more user friendly for the younger generation”, says Raphael.

After building the fundamentals of the app, they started looking into how they could take getquin to the next step. This led them to apply to APX and eventually join in April 2020.

While both had deep expertise in the finance sector, when they had the opportunity to receive a framework to grow their company, they decided to jump on the occasion.

You can follow and connect with getquin on Linkedin and Instagram.

About APX:

APX is the leading pre-seed VC for very early-stage startups in Europe. Based in Berlin, APX invests across industries in teams building digital businesses — often as their first investor — and supports each team with an investment of EUR 50K, access to an extensive network, and a tailor-made growth program to secure follow-on financing.

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