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SQIN: your personalized companion for healthy skin

Meet Maria and Martin. Together, they are on a mission to guide people on their path to greater well-being.

“SQIN is as individual as you are — for everyone.”

That’s why Martin and Maria built the SQIN platform together — to give people a personalized skin companion that guides them on their transformation to healthy skin and greater well-being. An app that is a place for everyone to find out everything they need to know about skincare, regardless of their appearance, age, ethnicity, income or where they live. Maria-Liisa Bruckert, also SQIN co-founder, says, “SQIN is as individual as you are — for everyone.”

Driven to create a positive impact

Since launching the MVP in December 2020, a long testing phase, the company was officially founded in 2021 and relaunched in April 2021. The team collaborates across four continents — and that includes APX. “We always want to evolve, and APX provides the perfect network to do that,” Maria says. “As part of the Google female founders program, I strongly believe that mentors are incredibly valuable. And just as Martin and I mentor other founders, we’ve found many personalities in the APX network to help us move forward and to have a positive impact on people’s lives.”



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