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HYRE is helping students navigate their way into the corporate world

Students’ lives just got easier! Meet Luca, Max, and Christof, the co-founders of HYRE.

Photo by Dominik Tryba

As a student, you don’t always know what value you can bring to companies. Combine that with some companies and firms lacking flexibility in their project-staffing processes and you have a problem. One that the team behind HYRE is now trying to solve.

HYRE enables students to join professional firms for project-based work using curated and enriched digital profiles, as a direct path toward their optimal careers.

While working for Deloitte’s Analytics Institute, and being responsible for hiring interns, Christof Mehlstäubler — one of HYRE’s three co-founders — experienced a lack of speed and flexibility as a pain point in the corporate world.

“Of course, we were always looking for young and professional talents but only could offer internships one and a half years later. Understandably too late for most students as they’re mostly in the final stages of their studies when applying for internships and jobs in general”, says Christof Mehlstäubler.

Together with co-founders Max Willert and Lallopizzi, HYRE joined the ‘Tailormade’ program at APX in January 2020. Here, they want to accelerate their idea and further develop the product, benefit from the wide-ranging network, and receive guidance in the right direction without making too many mistakes.

“Ironically, we hope to get the same out of our 100 days with APX as students that join our platform — a fast track to an optimal career”, says Christof.

In three years from now, HYRE aspires to have guided the first cohort of students to ideal careers, to have set-up a campus ambassador at all the major European business schools and tech universities, and to have supported hundreds of firms in getting in touch with the next generation.

Follow HYRE’s journey on Linkedin.

Text by Yannick Selinger




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