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Zoyya: Make appointment-booking as easy as possible

Meet the siblings Ivana, Nikola, and Jurica: These founders from Croatia developed a platform that helps people book their next appointment in the beauty salon stressless and easily.

Nikola (COO), Ivana (CEO), Jurica (CTO)

Especially in times of the pandemic, we are increasingly encouraged to make an appointment before visiting the hairdresser, beauty salon or restaurant instead of dropping by spontaneously. So you have to call these service providers to set a date and time. “But I, for one, hate making phone calls,” says Ivana Zuber, co-founder, and CEO at Zoyya. “That’s why my brothers and I developed an app that allows appointment booking online — without any phone calls.”

Of course, this kind of online booking comes with a lot of further advantages: Users are reminded by mail and text message before a booked appointment, so the no-show rate can be reduced, at least due to forgetfulness. If someone falls ill, the hairdresser’s visit can be easily canceled or rescheduled online. This works for the customer, but also for the provider. They can specify online when they have company vacations, for example, and no appointments are bookable.

“Until now, service providers in Croatia either didn’t have an online booking option at all or everyone used their own tool,” explains Jurica Smirčić, CTO of Zoyya. “Our drive was to bundle as many offers here as possible to bring different services into one app.”

Each of the three siblings takes on a different role at Zoyya. While Ivana is responsible for marketing, Jurica deals with the technical implementation and Nikola develops more features that can make Zoyya even more practical for all providers.

Currently, the Zoyya team is working on making their app even more popular among providers. Ironically, they do have to pick up the phone to do so, convincing hair salons, dentists, or veterinarians of the app’s benefits. The pandemic has prevented them from realizing their full potential in many places so far. “Because many hair salons, for example, had to close during the various lockdowns over the past two years, what’s the point of them having an appointment booking app?” says Nikola Smirčić, COO of Zoyya.

So far, over 70 salons in Croatia are using the app daily, 10.000 users have already registered, and over 90,000 appointments have already been made through the app. Other useful features include the ability to make cashless payments through the app or even promote certain discount promotions on it. Users can even be reminded that it might be time for a visit to the hairdresser again after a few weeks.

The feedback from providers and users is very good and that’s why Ivana, Nikola and Jurica are constantly expanding the possibilities Zoyya provides. The next option will be the integration of Google Maps so that users can book directly with a salon in their close neighborhood.

By the way, this is not the first time the three siblings have worked together: “We worked in the same company, approximately ten years ago — and missed it since that day. Each of us is different, but instead of rubbing up against the contrasts, we find them enriching,” says Jurica. Working together on Zoyya fulfills the three of them anew every day.

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