7 very simple things to remember when launching a website

Mel Goering
Jun 18 · 3 min read

The process can get overwhelming. Here are a few simple tips that are so banal, you may forget about them.

Test. Test again. After that, test.

There will be many moments in which you think “Now, the website is ready.” From my experience, 90% of the time it isn’t. Small mistakes concerning UX, UI or even spelling hide everywhere. So make sure to test the website as much as possible. Try out every possible route a customer may take and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Let other people test it.

If you stare at the same site for weeks or even months, you tend to overlook a lot of things. This can go up to you not finding the most obvious mistakes. This is why, from the beginning, you should make sure that not only you but other people test your site. Have at least 10 people use it and gather their feedback. This works best with a little thank-you-incentive, just FYI.

Think about SEO, get the basics right.

Design is one thing. But eventually, the one who decides whether or not your website will be successful is Google. It’s really important to Google that search results uphold a certain standard so it’s crucial to stick to its rules. Here are a few basics.

Neutral Branding.

If you have a product that is not specifically targeted at people from a certain gender or sexuality, develop a neutral branding. Have pictures from people of different genders, ethnicities, and ages on your site. Use a scheme of colors that speak to as many people as possible. Pink, red and white is obviously less neutral than yellow, green and black.

Use tools that make your life easier.

Tools such as WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace make it really easy to build a great website without any coding skills.

Using an agency.

If you want the website to be coded for you, you can give it to an agency. The most important thing, probably of the whole project, will be an accurate and realistic schedule. There are three factors that the agency needs to deliver on and most of the time, at least one of them will suffer:

  1. On time
  2. On budget
  3. On scope

Therefore, make sure to prioritize the three factors. Do you have a specific due date that definitely needs to be hit and can you afford to spend a bit more money? Then time should be your number one priority. Is there no way you can exceed your budget but are okay with potentially launching a few weeks past schedule? Then the budget should be your priority number one.

Check different devices.

When you build a website, you tend to focus mostly on the desktop version because that’s the easiest to work on during your normal workflow. Bothering each time to get out your phone and test the mobile site sometimes is being done too late. So make sure to always test the site on tablets, desktops, and smartphones.


More than a VC

Mel Goering

Written by

APX | Axel Springer Porsche GmbH & Co. KG | Berlin | Junior Brand & Communications Manager



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