Your brain is a landfill

Hendrik Schriefer
Nov 21, 2018 · 6 min read

Problem 1: Recent Information Overload

How to spot the sources of information that are relevant to my very personal situation among the masses of recent blather?

Problem 2: Resource Overkill

How to spot the key findings in relevant sources?

The evolution of problems in information consumption.

Problem 3: Information Overcondensation

How to act on relevant learnings?

Current time allocation of the average professional toward personal growth.

Solution: Reallocate your time toward information processing and action.

Suggested time allocation aiming for true personal growth.

What does that mean for your self-improvement in practice?

Step 1: Be aware of recent information overload

Step 2: Shift from consuming to learning

Step 3: Recycle

Is there an end to the evolution of problems?

Can we stop the evolution of problems after all?


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More than a VC