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Tokenomics & Token Utility Integration Update

Protocol-Owned Liquidity

In last week’s update, we discussed our roadmap for increasing token utility and protocol-owned liquidity (POL). A recent governance proposal for creating an APY bond on Olympus Pro has been successfully completed, voted in unanimously by APY token holders with over 5.3m APY tokens used to vote. This marks a pivotal step toward increasing liquidity provision and liquidity depth through POL. This will lay a foundation upon which all other tokenomics and token utility elements are built upon. The APY.Finance team is coordinating with OlympusDAO for integration, stay tuned for more updates regarding the integration in January 2022.

New Farms & Convex Integrations

Following the recently integrated farms such as curve-mim, curve-alusd, curve-ousd, curve-lusd, curve-frax and curve-musd, the team has begun to integrate Convex integrations which should increase yield across the board upon the foundation of Curve pools which have been integrated. Users can expect completed Convex integration, and increased yield as a result, within the coming weeks. New farms will continue to be integrated throughout 2022 which will continue to increase yield and portfolio diversity.

Safety Stability Treasury

In addition to the Olympus Pro bonding market integration, the APY team will roll out a safety stability treasury that APY token holders can use for single-sided staking to earn rewards. A portion of the liquidity here will be liquidated and used to insure platform deposits in the rare event of a platform or farm shortfall. Ultimately, this offers APY token holders an opportunity to stake their tokens to earn rewards while also covering

Tour Guide

The APY.Finance platform ‘Tour Guide’, a complete platform walkthrough will be re-enabled shortly. The Tour Guide aids in platform ease-of-use and clarification for users new to APY.Finance or DeFi as a whole. View a preview of the tour guide here.

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