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What is Aqarchain & Why is it Needed?

Since technology has gained a robust foothold on the market, no industry has escaped digitization and real industry isn’t an exception.

With the advent of blockchain technology, real estate is all set to embrace technology that will completely transform operations. And it’s something that industry needs the most as the high transaction cost and inefficiency in transactions have been the issue.

Also, even investors feel reluctant to safely invest in cross-border real estate investments using crypto or fiat currencies.

And this is where the importance of Aqarchain comes in!!


Aqarchain is a technology-driven platform that enables digitized real estate solutions to provide users with exceptional strongest security and safety measures. The company, over the past few years, has been helping the real estate, finance, and technology sectors in executing many successful transactions. With hands-on experience and knowledge of blockchain technology, the platform utilizes a transparent and streamlined business model with all platform information being accessible in real-time.

When it comes to streamlining the real estate investment process, Aqarchain helps facilitates the investment of fiat and cryptocurrency into real estate opportunities. With the true potential of blockchain technology, it provides a multitude of investment opportunities to investors.

Key Features of Aqarchain Platform:

Here are the features of the Aqarchain platform:

  • Improved access to global real estate investments.
  • Simplified investment entry, exit, and ownership transfers.
  • Increased liquidity and trading options.
  • Potential exponential value appreciation of AQR Tokens.
  • Eliminating inefficiencies and making transactions hassle-free.
  • High return opportunities.
  • Security of underlying real estate asset ownership.
  • Eliminating substantial overheads due to the involvement of middlemen.

Why Should You Need Aqarchain?

Since its conception, Aqarchain has been helping investors with access to global real estate investment markets that are usually reserved for high net worth investors. It has been observed that due to heavy regulatory restrictions, crypto is now blocked. But with Aqarchain, you could be eliminated.

Thanks to its already existing and fully developed business model, investing costs will be kept to a minimum and transactions can effortlessly be handled more efficiently. Since the Aqarchain portal is based on asset tokenization, it includes the process of creating digital tokens that represent ownership or some other right to an asset including any related profit. Be it a single or multiple assets, digital tokens incorporate any desired number of enforceable rules and conditions.

One of the best things about the portal is that it allows you to manage, maintain, and trade from one account. And after signing up for an account with Aqarchain, users can easily buy, sell, invest in and manage real estate across the globe.

The platform has owned a dedicated dashboard that can be accessed via a smartphone app or through a web browser.

When you choose Aqarchain, you are likely to handle a multitude of tasks including asset ownership, return payments, issue of tokens to investors, distribution of profits, and several other functions including token transfers, verification, trading, and exchange.



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