AQUA x Blockscore

Building trust in an online world by digitally verifying people’s identities.

AQUA is excited to reveal our collaboration with Blockscore.

Why Collaborate?

Blockscore is focused on simplifying identity verification through cutting-edge technology integrations and partnerships. They empower clients with the most advanced technology ever created for optimizing the customer signup experience, developer-first infrastructure, and an industry first full spectrum verification solution. The identities can then be cross-referenced against international credit and watchlist databases.

AQUA has selected Blockscore to help scale and onboard token sale contributors. With the large influx of ICO’s within the past year, some projects have struggled to keep up with the volume of participants — either offering lackluster support or seeing substantial backlogs of applications.

Blockscore is quickly becoming the go-to KYC provider in the cryptocurrency space. They are helping it become more secure as the blockchain industry faces more scrutiny and regulation.

About AQUA:

AQUA Intelligence is developing a data-driven platform on the blockchain that will allow consumers to monetize and validate their personal data. AQUA has planned a complete roadmap to build AQUA Intelligence and is proven in their ability to execute with a demonstrable product in service. Part of their strategy is to gather data from their current products and discrete data sources to build the industry’s first comprehensive profile system for the international market. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence along with predictive analytics, these profiles will enable businesses to improve sales, retention, conversion and customer satisfaction, significantly. AQUA is poised to evolve in a multi-billion dollar industry with significant market potential. You can learn more about AQUA at and help support our mission.

You can read more about AQUA Intelligence on our whitepaper.

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