Hilton Backed Data Platform Hits the Blockchain Market

Aqua Intelligence, the trusted data platform on the blockchain, announced the launch of their token Pre-Sale and appointment of Rick Hilton as senior advisor

Las Vegas, USA — AQUA ( aquaintel.io ) has announced, Rick Hilton, chairman of Hilton and Hyland and the family namesake of Hilton Hotels, has joined AQUA Intelligence as a senior advisor. Rick will be representing AQUA Intelligence and helping the AQUA team execute their long-term vision of revolutionizing the hospitality industry.

An American businessman, real-estate broker, executive producer, and an entrepreneur, Mr. Hilton has decades of experience in investments in hotel, resort, commercial and luxury real estate. He developed his business acumen from an early age by selling stationery door-to-door in his youth and working as a hotel bell attendant during school breaks. Along with family success in property development and experience in the field, Mr. Hilton has built one of the most successful luxury real estate brands in the U.S.

For AQUA Intelligence, the choice of Rick Hilton as an advisor is obvious, as this extends our long-term commitment towards forming lasting partnerships in the hospitality space.

“We’re excited to have Rick on board as our advisor. His help will be invaluable in navigating the complexities of the hotel industry, allowing us to gather data from the ground up for our AQUA Intelligence platform — something never before attempted,” said Anthony Gelman, CEO of AQUA Intelligence.

AQUA’s team has recently launched a Pre-Sale for the AQX Tokens that powers AQUA Intelligence’s data-driven platform on the blockchain. The token pre-sale will last through November 30th, 2018 with a soft cap of $5,000,000 USD.

From left to right: Matthew Morgan, Anthony Gelman, Rick Hilton, Leon Pashnick and Harsha Cuttari.
With their successful launch, Rick Hilton said, “AQUA and its team care deeply about disrupting the current landscape in the hotel industry and I am proud to be supporting their vision.”

To learn more about the token sale or company, please visit aquaintel.io.
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About AQUA:

AQUA Intelligence is developing a data-driven platform on the blockchain that will allow consumers to monetize and validate their personal data. AQUA has planned a complete roadmap to build AQUA Intelligence and is proven in their ability to execute with a demonstrable product in service. Part of their strategy is to gather data from their current products and discrete data sources to build the industry’s first comprehensive profile system for the global market. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence along with predictive analytics, these profiles will enable enterprises to improve sales, retention, conversion and customer satisfaction, significantly. AQUA is poised to evolve in a multi-billion dollar industry with significant market potential. You can learn more about AQUA at aquaintel.io and help support our mission.

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