Aqua Intel Releases More Images of Its Mobile Application

Aqua Mobile is the consumer-facing application for web and mobile and is an integral component of the Aqua Platform designed to leverage Aqua’s token ecosystem. Aqua Mobile is a travel and lifestyle app that provides an interface between Aqua Intel and consumers.

The app can also allow the management of loyalty and rewards points across various providers along with the utilization of Aqua Tokens (AQX). AQX Tokens can be converted into loyalty points, earn discounts, and be used for payments of services at participating businesses.

Digital wallet storage of AQX Tokens will be created automatically for each consumer that signs up for the mobile app. All data is securely encrypted on Aqua’s private blockchain. The app will also provide crucial token information such as real-time market value, current wallet balance, and historical earnings.

User login with security
Reward points in one location
Buy, sell and trade loyalty points from over 700+ businesses.
Personalized recommendations using AI and Aqua partner deals.