Weekly Update #9

Transparency is a core value that we at AQUA believe in. We understand that trust needs to be built between us and our community by showing all our progress and setbacks. In the time leading up to our AQX Token Sale, we plan to post updates each week. We are looking forward to providing everyone with announcements, progress reports, as well as any changes to our goals or ideas throughout the process.


  • Our Pre-Sale phase #1 for 100% BONUS will end October 6th, 2018. Phase #2 for 50% BONUS will last until November 5th, 2018. You can see the live counter by signing up on our dashboard at ico.aquaintel.io
  • Our Telegram community is still growing rapidly so join us today!
  • Our Team will be attending HILTON Technology Leadership Forum on February 2019
  • We had an awesome time at Token Fest Boston! We also had a few interviews with links here. We will keep the community informed of possible meet ups!
  • We had our smart contract successfully audited by Quantstamp. You can read more about it here.

Development Updates:

We completed our draft wireframes for AQUA Mobile. We are now working on the architecture and UI/UX of these wireframes. Rigorous testing on our smart contract models is also in progress.


Lawyers are in the process of drafting the terms & conditions for a SEC-compliant token sale.


We are always looking for talented individuals to accelerate AQUA globally. If you believe you can help contribute to our mission, feel free to reach out to support@aquaintel.io!

About AQUA:

AQUA Intelligence is developing a data-driven platform on the blockchain that will allow consumers to monetize and validate their personal data. AQUA has planned a complete roadmap to build AQUA Intelligence and is proven in their ability to execute with a demonstrable product in service. Part of their strategy is to gather data from their current products and discrete data sources to build the industry’s first comprehensive profile system for the international market. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence along with predictive analytics, these profiles will enable businesses to improve sales, retention, conversion and customer satisfaction, significantly. AQUA is poised to evolve in a multi-billion dollar industry with significant market potential. You can learn more about AQUA at aquaintel.io and help support our mission.

You can read more about AQUA Intelligence on our whitepaper.

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