What is AQUA PMS?

Current Problems

Example of outdated software currently used by hotels
  • Antiquated Systems
  • Expensive Maintenance
  • Paper Based
  • Low Security
  • Too Many Systems

Hotels today require several different pieces of software to operate. These are ancient systems, they don’t integrate well, and they have an old school unattractive UI. We were frustrated by these inefficient and antiquated management systems along with the constant need to use multiple, independent add-on applications.

With all these problems combined with the archaic manual processes currently used to manage hotel operations, employees focus more on unnecessary paperwork rather than spending time on customers. So, we used our experience working in various different positions in hotel operations to create a solution to disrupt the hotel management industry.

Introducing AQUA PMS. We took an innovative approach and developed the only fully integrated all-in-one Property Management System (PMS) platform for managing hotel operations.

AQUA PMS is a software as a service solution (SaaS) which offers scalability, flexibility, quick implementation, 24/7 accessibility, and resiliency.

An all-in-one solution

AQUA PMS eliminates the need to work across multiple applications and reduces the tedium of manual tasks.

With an intuitive design and easy to use functions that allow implementation with minimal training, AQUA PMS reduces operating costs and response times, so that customer needs are met quickly and efficiently.

AQUA PMS compared to competition

We started development in January 2017 with 1 roll-out property in August 2017 and now improved to 4 test properties in Las Vegas, USA. Now, AQUA PMS is currently integrated with Hilton Worldwide, a major hotel chain, and have plans to expand further.

“I have been in the industry for over 20 years and have used many property systems, I can confidently say the 15 minutes training it took to learn this system, and the ease of use, has proven to be very effective in our property and has been widely accepted by our entire team. This is truly a hospitality system developed by people who really understand our business from the operational perspective”
Francisco Morales, General Manager Hilton Garden Inn
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About AQUA:

AQUA Intelligence is developing a data-driven platform on the blockchain that will allow consumers to monetize and validate their personal data. AQUA has planned a complete roadmap to build AQUA Intelligence and is proven in their ability to execute with a demonstrable product in service. Part of their strategy is to gather data from their current products and discrete data sources to build the industry’s first comprehensive profile system for the global market. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence along with predictive analytics, these profiles will enable enterprises to improve sales, retention, conversion and customer satisfaction, significantly. AQUA is poised to evolve in a multi-billion dollar industry with significant market potential. You can learn more about AQUA at aquaintel.io and help support our mission.

You can read more about AQUA Intelligence on our whitepaper.

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