So, Who Grows My Food?

Danny Simmons
Oct 26, 2017 · 3 min read

For many people who live in cities, they never have to think about where food comes from. It’s almost like the magical food fairy just brings it to their favorite “pho” (Vietnamese soup) place, their favorite “banh mi” (Vietnamese sandwich) stand, their vegetable seller, the grocery store, the restaurants.

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The food fairy arrives

If we think about it, we obviously know this isn’t true — it’s just how people seem to behave, by putting it out of their mind.

Do they know how much soil space a carrot needs? How much water goes into growing a kilo of green beans? Or any vegetable, for that matter.

I sympathize. We lead busy lives, and many of us work really hard to stay afloat, to keep money coming in. In the small spaces between, we try to find happiness.

For most of us, thinking obsessively about food, where it comes from, how it’s grown or raised, what resources it requires, and how it gets to market…isn’t a happy way to spend time.

Well, I do think about that stuff a bit. And I have a challenge for you. Find out how much energy, water, soil and fertilizer it takes to make 1 kilo of your favorite vegetable. Could be broccoli, could be bok choy, could be squash, onions or radishes. Just find out.

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Before the food fairy arrives (A truck spraying pesticides)

Because I want to tell you something right here: growing your own greens with AquaGrowGreens’ line of personal hydroponics kits is a more efficient way of doing it. I’d dare to say that whatever you find, we can provide more nutrition for less resources pretty much every time.

This isn’t even taking into account where your food is grown. Do you know who grows it? Or where? Is it fresh, or has it been chill-stored in some massive warehouse for days, weeks…or years?

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Get as many as you want, grow as much as you need

Hey, I could be wrong, in which case I’ll publicly admit it. Even so, you should buy an AquaGrowGreens kit so you can compare the fresh, crisp veggies they grow to the produce you get at the market — maybe trucked in from who knows where, maybe covered in exhaust fumes and pesticides and dirt, maybe left in the hot sun for hours or days — and tell me what you think.

Efficiency aside, we know it’s healthier…but only you can tell us if it’s tastier.

So, do you know who grows your food?

Now that you know more, why not start growing your own today?


AquaGrowGreens promotes living the hydroponic lifestyle to…

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