Who is AquaGrowGreens?

Nicolas Embleton
Oct 11, 2017 · 3 min read

AquaGrowGreens was founded in 2016 and incorporated in 2017. Based in Vietnam, we use Dutch and Japanese technology overseen by Dutch and Vietnamese engineers to design and produce personal hydroponic farm kits for consumers who wish to have an easy method for growing healthy, pesticide-free greens you can trust at home or in the office.

Our very first Hydroponic kit for growing microgreens just about anywhere!

Our kits are manufactured from modern food-safe materials in factories run in a safe, lawful fashion. Whether local or imported, we source, produce or partner up to get our Non-GMO and/or organically-grown seeds. We pay fair prices to support small farms as part of our commitment to only partner with companies who match our ethical and environmental goals.

AquaGrowGreens uses a comprehensive design loop to ensure that our durable personal farm kits are easy to assemble, easy to use and require only the lightest maintenance.

Recently founded, AquaGrowGreens has grown quickly, forging relationships with multiple Asian markets. Besides starting in S.E. Asia, we are actively striving to become available in the pan-Asian region, North America, Australia and Europe as part of our overall global strategy. After establishing ourselves in those markets with which we have prior links, we intend to expand into other key global markets, such as the Middle East, the Caribbean and South America.

We believe that the world market, and Asia in particular, are ready for personal farm kits as consumer interest in organic food grows. Hydroponics is a logical next step for people interested in healthy, home-grown greens, and our kits can be used in the home or the office.

Globally, concern over matters like soil quality, safe water, pesticides and GMO seeds has grown quickly. Consumer trust in traditional food sources is diminishing in many regions, and our goal is to help consumers address these concerns in a way they control.

AquaGrowGreens’ hydroponic kits are designed and tested in the most thorough way possible. Many of our employees at all levels, and the friends and family of employees, use our products at home.

Our ambition is to become the world leader in the production of personal farm kits, larger systems and related necessities, to be recognized as the benchmark for creativity, quality and customer service. In related areas, we’re looking not only to be this benchmark but to be standard-bearers in a global movement that puts more growing power and more control of family health directly into consumer hands.

This is why we do it.

Ultimately, our vision and planning horizon extend to carrying AquaGrowGreens into space, as a compact means of growing food in marginal to hostile environments. Hydroponics could be the next great food revolution, and space exploration remains our next great adventure. The two are a natural fit, and space agencies around the world are putting money into hydroponics research.

Despite the depth and breadth of our ambitions, we will remain the same service-oriented company we have been from day 1: service to our customers, service to our shareholders, service to our employees, and of course service to our communities. This is, and always has been, part of our corporate DNA.

We’re always happy to hear from you, so please reach out to us at agg-info@aquagrowgreens.com

Check out what we do at: https://aquagrowgreens.com


AquaGrowGreens promotes living the hydroponic lifestyle to…

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