AQWIRE On-boards 2 New Blockchain Developers

AQWIRE has been pouring its efforts to the MVP’s (Minimum Viable product) development for the past months. A reasonable portion of the resources were allocated to research and development to ensure we can deliver before we even promise. The team firmly believes that it’s more important to build a functioning product first than to promote a mere idea.

Scott Yu, Co-Founder and Blockchain Developer, has been spearheading the tech side of AQWIRE since it was first announced. Being the sole developer on the team is a bit of a challenge for him.

3 Heads are Better than One

Adding an extra head or two will not only make the job easier but would also speed up the development process and make the product even more robust.

Within a month, AQWIRE was fortunate to be able to on-board two new blockchain developers to help with the project. These couple of new brains are invaluable additions to develop a more solid MVP:

Andrey Shishkin
Andrey Shishkin

After getting his Software Engineering degree, Andrey Shishkin started to pursue his career in Web Application Development. His 9 years worth of experience in developing applications for financial, real estate, and e-commerce companies led him to explore the blockchain technology.

Andrey’s post on Facebook the day after the AQWIRE meetup in Pattaya

Though he was born in Russia, Andrey currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand. The team was fortunate enough to meet him when he participated in one of AQWIRE’s meetups in Pattaya last March of 2017. He believes that AQWIRE is solving real-world problems and that it has the potential to disrupt the real estate industry. His profound interest in the project has drawn him to join the team later on as the smart contract developer.

Tobias Klock

Tobias Klock is a full stack web developer from Germany. He has a degree in computer science with a specialization in cryptography and has previously developed applications for communications and business processes. His 5 years of experience in programming brought him to many different countries. After working with the German automobile company, Volkswagen, for two and a half years, he finally decided to step out of the small space he’s been accustomed to. The rest of his working experience was spent hopping from country to country, mainly in Asia and Europe. Among all the countries he has visited, Philippines and Malaysia are his favorites. In fact, he’s even considering buying properties from these countries’ major cities.

His blockchain career started in 2017; the same time cryptocurrencies started to become exceptionally more popular. The AQWIRE project sparked his interest when he saw its potential to revolutionize the cross-border real estate industry. He was soon offered to be part of the growing team and he gladly accepted the opportunity.

What’s Next?

The team’s resolution to build a global market place for real estate is the foundation of the project. It has been one of the top priorities since the project was first conceptualized in late 2017. Promotional and marketing campaigns are also ready to roll out before the end of June, which will include bounty programs, media and press release, and strategic partnerships. The MVP is scheduled to launch in Q3 of 2018. Soon after that, AQWIRE is set to expand to Thailand and Vietnam in the last quarter of the year.

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