AQWIRE on boards one of Asia’s largest property development project

Deal Signed. Mr Qian Zhang, Sales Director of Forest City with Mr Ray Refundo, CEO of AQWIRE

Starting next week, property inventories of the 1-Billion USD project, Forest City, considered as Southeast Asia’s largest Green City, will be found on the listings of Asia’s first real estate marketplace powered by blockchain - AQWIRE.

Mr Ray Refundo, CEO of AQWIRE with Mr Qian Zhang, Sales Director of Forest City , signed the agreement, Saturday , October 20, as the 1st international property developer to onboard on AQWIRE during the property’s launch in its Philippines Headquarters in BGC.

A dawn watch at Forest City’s 5-Star Golf Hotel

Forest City

Located in the Iskandar development zone of Johor state in south Malaysia and just one bridge away by car from Singapore, Forest City is built to be an eco-tourism hub while it boasts premiere infrastructures including like its Medical Tourism Facilities, Shopping, Resorts and a lot more.

Its strategic transportation system including its railway and ferry accessibility linking Malaysia’s Mainland to Singapore paved its way to become an ideal entrepreneurial hub while maintaining its relaxed environment.

“It is also surrounded by freighters. Just to the west of Forest City is Malaysia’s Tanjung Pelepas container port, which is busier than the ports of Los Angeles or New York. Across the water in Singapore lies an industrial district.” - New York Times

In addition, The project also inaugurated Asia’s biggest Industrialized Building System (IBS) factory for pre-made building construction materials.

With all these features and amenities, Forest City aims to become the go-to investment for international buyers, where majority of investors come from but they’re keen on tapping other continents to sell the property to.

AQWIRE- Forest City Partnership

AQWIRE Team visits Forest City. ll L-R AQWIRE Managing Director, Ms. Jacquiline Romorosa along with Ms. Julia Cartago, Accounts Manager for AQWIRE, Ms Lesly Hernandez, Marketing Associate for Forest City, and Ms. Giselle Ang, Forest City’s Top Sales Agent.

With the blockchain technology aiming to create an easy and seamless sales processes for property developers and buyers, AQWIRE empowers Forest City to tap and reach out to foreign property buyers and investors around the world.

The recently signed partnership is expected to help both companies showcase this breakthrough project on a global sale. "AQWIRE and Forest City is currently developing strategic marketing initiatives, listing optimisations, and so many other integrations to make sure we target the right market” says JP Bayang, AQWIRE’s Director of Growth Strategy.

AQWIRE is the first international listings platform that Forest City has partnered with.

The Market

The Cross-border real estate industry has grown into a 400B USD industry in 2017. Along with that are the pains of property developers and brokers in selling a foreign property, while buyers having a hard time in fulfilling acquisition requirements including logistics and legalities.

With this, AQWIRE envisions to facilitate an end to end acquisition process,, from connecting the property buyers to developers and brokers, to assisting them in fulfilling their requirements in buying foreign properties , unto channeling their monthly payments through QWIKWIRE.

AQWIRE’s Director of Growth Strategy,JP Bayang and Chief Marketing Officer, Inno Maog along with Forest City’s Marketing Team during the Forest City Philippine Launch in Bonifacio Global City.

On the other hand, it seeks to help property buyers by giving them access to a dashboard that automates sales processes including KYCs, inventory management, strategic marketing facility, and others on development.

By Quarter one of 2019, AQWIRE will be increasing it's presence in the SEA market by expanding to countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia.

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