AQWIRE PRESALE: Hottest Real Estate ICO

‘Innovation is the ability to see changes as an opportunity — not a threat.’
Steve Jobs

Take it from the late Steve Jobs, a great innovator.

Innovation often comes from improving the current quo. It’s a result of seeing the best practices of yesterday and merging it with today’s advancements in technology for the sole purpose of holistic improvement.

AQWIRE, Qwikwire’s biggest and boldest project to date, aims to disrupt the real estate market through the Blockchain and Smart Contracts.
AQWIRE: Next Generation Real Estate Platform

We aim to bridge the gap between Blockchain and Smart Contracts with the century-old real estate market.

We do this by providing real estate developers, brokers and agents access to a blockchain-powered, multi-listings platform capable of listing units on the blockchain as well as other traditional listing sites. Saving precious time and money as well as assuring security and convenience.

Furthermore, potential buyers and investors will have access to a truly global real estate marketplace. Unlike other platforms that are highly localized, blockchain will eliminate this barrier for AQWIRE.

Coupled with Qwikwire’s banking network, this will make the difficulties of buying and selling properties globally, a thing of the past.

Qey Token

QEY, AQWIRE’s token, it will be an ERC20 token ran under the Ethereum blockchain.

Among other things, it can be used on the platform to:

  • Retrieve Global Property Report.
  • List units for sale.
  • View information and trends of real estate in specific areas, worldwide.
  • Get significant discounts on a property, etc.
Token Supply: 250 million | 100 million will be sold (40%)
Price per token: $0.15
Cap: $15M Hardcap | $5M Softcap
Duration: Presale is LIVE and will run until June 17.
Bonuses: Up to 15% Bonus.

For more information about AQWIRE and the presale, go to:

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