AQWIRE Roadmap: Where Are We Heading?

The AQWIRE initiative was born of the question, “why is it so difficult to buy a property from outside your country even when you have the money to pay for it?”

As difficult as it may seem to buyers, real estate developers and brokers share the same inconvenience. The process of selling properties to foreigners is quite different from selling to local buyers. It requires more than just submitting a couple of documents and signing pages of papers.

The process needs more time, effort, and most importantly, patience.

As illustrated in our 3 part blog; How AQWIRE Helps Expats, How AQWIRE Helps Travelers, and How AQWIRE Helps Property Investors, selling and/or acquiring a property abroad is a long and tedious work. Before you get your hands on your unit, you must go through several layers of intermediaries and paperwork first. For this reason, most buyers are becoming repulsive in buying properties abroad even with strong desire.

We want to fix that.

Execution Begins with a Comprehensive Roadmap

Almost every successful project starts with a clear and thorough roadmap. This serves not only as a guide but also defines the goals of the business. Much like a timeline, a roadmap also includes the significant activities and achievements of the company in the past.

Coming up with a Roadmap is not as easy as writing down what you want to do and where you want to be a few years after. It has to be feasible, achievable, time-bound, and relative. It has to favor other factors too like your country’s regulations, the community’s acceptable norm, and the like.

AQWIRE: Then and Beyond

Before we landed on the idea of bridging the gap between property buyers and sellers through AQWIRE, we have already been servicing the real estate industry through Qwikwire.

Let me walk you through the foundation that had it all started to the plans we have in the future.

Q1 2016 — Launching of Qwikwire’s Billing and Invoicing Platform

Qwikwire, AQWIRE’s parent company, first launched its billing and invoicing platform in 2016 to help local enterprises collect payments from their clients abroad. The same year, Qwikwire onboarded its first Real Estate developer, Century Properties, who also happens to be one of the biggest real estate companies in the Philippines with almost 2 million square meters of units built and 5000+ employees. This was shortly followed by another developer as well as a handful of BPO companies.

Q3 2016 — Activation of ACH and SWIFT Facilities

It was a major breakthrough for Qwikwire to start processing payments through ACH and SWIFT. This implementation granted us the edge to close more partnerships and process larger volume of payments than ever. Since then, the growth of the company became exponential and so was the size of the team.

Q2 2017 — Qwikwire Achieves Profitability

In less than a year and a half since the launch of the billing and invoicing platform, Qwikwire reached the profitability stage. Customers paying through Qwikwire has been steadily increasing and inquiries from potential partners are starting to pile up.

Q3 2017 — The AQWIRE Initiative

This was when the idea of building a platform that connects international real estate players was initialized. After weeks of research and deliberate planning, the team decided to jump-start the project, hence, giving birth to the AQWIRE initiative.

Q4 2017 — Best Fintech Startup in Southeast Asia

After winning the title, Best Philippine Fintech Startup, Qwikwire was invited by ASEAN Ricebowl to participate in 2017’s Ricebowl Startup Awards.

Among 5 other Fintech Startups across Southeast Asia, Qwikwire was the one hailed and awarded as the Best Fintech Startup. This was the second time Qwikwire received an award from Asean Ricebowl, first being the Fintech Startup of the Year which dates back to 2015.

Q2 2018 —QEY Token Pre-sale

AQWIRE opened its presale in May 2018 with a QEY token bonus of up to 30%.

During this time, Qwikwire’s CEO Ray Refundo and some of our key team members were traveling around Asia, in the US, and in Canada to meet with each country’s blockchain community, real estate brokers, and property developers and find out how AQWIRE can serve its demographics better. We understand that every country is distinct, hence, requires different approach.

After all, what we are building is not a one-size-fits-all product but a platform that addresses the unique needs of every audience, no matter where they are.

Q3 2018 — Token Sale and MVP Launch

By the time of this writing, the team is preparing for the token sale main round, testing its smart contract and user accounts dashboard.

The business development and tech team have also been busy with building the AQWIRE MVP, interviewing property developers and talking with potential partners.

The MVP will be launched before the end of Q3. And with the recent partnership of AQWIRE and SCI, buyers and investors can now pay for their real estate purchase using BTC and ETH, and soon with Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP).

Q4 2018 — AQWIRE Goes Live and Expands in Thailand and Vietnam

Shortly after the MVP launch, AQWIRE is set to expand in Thailand and Vietnam by the last quarter of 2018. New teams will be assembled in each country composed by mainly locals to help us provide better services to local developers.

Q1 2019 — AQWIRE Headquarters in the United States

AQWIRE will start 2019 by opening o new office in the United States, specifically in Santa Monica, California. The city houses many notable businesses such as Hulu, Illumination Entertainment, Lionsgate Films, and Riot Games.

The charm of the city greatly entices many opportunity seekers, making it easier for AQWIRE to find relative talents and to conduct a more in-depth study on the real estate market in the west coast.

Q2 2019 — Further Expansion in ASIA and in the United States

The steady growth of the Real Estate market in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong is astounding and deserves attention. This said, AQWIRE will be ticking them off its list and start servicing these countries by the start of Q2 2019.

With the help of our US real estate and mortgage advisors, series of events and seminars will also be conducted in CA, NY, NJ, FL and PA to educate real estate agents and brokers on how they can use AQWIRE and start listing properties to sell to foreign buyers.

Q3 2019 — Launch of Commercial Real Estate in the Platform and New Banking Partnerships

Our vision and goals do not limit us to facilitating only residential real estate transactions. Part of our long term objective is to build a dedicated platform that caters to commercial real estate buyers and tenants.

This plan is to be executed by Q3 of 2019 along side with our expanded banking partnerships in Japan, Canada, and Australia.

Q4 2019 — AQWIRE Launches Multi-listing Service (MLS)

AQWIRE exits the year by finally launching its multi-listing service (MLS). This will allow brokers to post on multiple listing sites that can update inventory status in real time on the Blockchain.

In the same quarter, Qwikwire will launch API that will integrate traditional payments facilities such us Credit card, eCheck, ACH, and SWIFT into the Blockchain.

What’s Next?

We are firm to build AQWIRE to stand the test of time and become a revolutionary platform. The blockchain technology has the potential to change the way we buy and sell real estate and verify the authenticity of transactions — from payment records, contracts and property titles. It also provides a faster and safer way to verify key information and establish trust. This can significantly reduce inefficiencies, thus lower costs, and even solve issues in security and communication.

We are keen to use this technology to further our involvement in the global real estate industry so we can solve the problems property developers, buyers, and other real estate service providers have to deal with.

As we venture deeper to the advancing future, we persist in developing more features that can ease even more pains and make things accessible to all key players.