AQWIRE’s Advisory Board Just Became Bigger: Enter Robbie Antonio

With the constant push to continuously innovate and strengthen the AQWIRE project. We have successfully partnered with the Philippines’ very first Unicorn start-up to date, Revolution Precrafted. As a truly global company that is present in 6 continents and 24 countries, with a goal to build 30,000 design-driven units and have been able to close $8.5B of project revenues, the addition of Revo’s portfolio to AQWIRE’s marketplace is invaluable.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Mr. Robbie Antonio, responsible for building and managing 82 milliion sq./ft. of livable space and having worked with 13 Pritzker Price Winning Architects and firms and the CEO of Revolution Precrafted, has joined AQWIRE’s Advisory Board!

As part of the Antonio’s of Century Properties, Mr. Antonio has been involved in the real estate space for well over 10 years. Having started with Antonio Development in New York where he did a project with Mr. I.M. Pei, a renowned Chinese-American architect in Plaza District, he is an expert when it comes to everything that is of real estate.

His addition to the advisory board brings his real estate expertise onto the table, having built a unicorn real estate related startup himself, he is keen to the minute details and the unrelenting passion needed to successfully build a global company and brand.

“Revolution is a global company that is present in 6 continents & 24 countries which essentially makes us a true global player. We signed up developers where we provide structures to and supply to myriad of different land owners and such developers. In line with our global vision to actually penetrate & permeate throughout the rest of the world. AQWIRE will actually allow foreign developers to do global real estate transactions.” Mr. Antonio stated.

AQWIRE’s goal to be a global marketplace for real estate is slowly coming into fruition. With a diverse set of advisors and an award-winning startup backing it up, the project is right on track to hit it’s milestones and roadmap.

This in mind, the AQWIRE team is in full swing developing the platform and onboarding more real estate partners. Also, with the MVP launch nearing as well as further partnership announcements in place, things will definitely get more interesting!