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I Got Tired of Reading About Blockchain Projects that I Can’t Use—So I’m Building One Myself

‘Phosphor’ by Robert Henke

Misunderstood concepts and a lack of conclusive examples

The lack of understanding of the technology naturally gives rise to skepticism and even mistrust. It seems clear that confidence can only be built if opportunities for awareness and learning are increased.

There is also a need for more compelling examples of applications to convince industry stakeholders and consumers of the tangible benefits of blockchains. In particular, products and services developed using blockchains should offer an easy-to-use, intuitive, and customizable user experience, which attracts the attention of new users.

Create your decentralized ARAid in the Ara File Manager
The Ara File Manager lists content you’ve published and purchased
Creators publish their content in any size and format, and set the purchase price
Your ARA and ETH are in your hands, unlike other projects that hold your wallet for you



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Ara Blocks

Ara directly connects creators and fans, enabling distribution and payment without platform fees and limits.