New marketplace platform for real estate launched

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Feb 20, 2019 · 2 min read
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|By Arabian Post Staff|Home Owners Direct (HOD) has launched a new e-marketplace platform — that directly connects property owners with buyers, tenants and developers.

Placing total control of property deals in the hands of the consumers, the platform will help deliver significant savings for users with zero commission to be paid on any property deal as it is directly made between the two parties. Democratising the property market with the power of digital technology, the platform also has a marketing offering for sellers to promote their property locally and internationally.

Cecilia Reinaldo, Chief Executive Officer of HOD, said: “At the heart of our offering is cost savings — for property owners, buyers and tenants. By eliminating all conventional commissions levied by real estate agents, we are bringing a new autonomous platform for property customers for free. Unique from other such platforms, we have introduced a business model that combines innovative technology, third-party service provider expertise as well as prioritizes the savings achieved by customers.”

Owners are granted full privacy and security, and at their leisure, can screen candidates and opt to accept, decline or amend a viewing request. From then on, both parties can communicate and maintain their own dialogue with regards to a potential sell. With HOD, property deals are made easier, cost-effective and hassle-free, giving owners, buyers and tenants the freedom to conduct business seamlessly.

In addition, HOD acts as a professional hub for an array of property services, which Cecilia notes is crucial to developing a holistic community of experts in the field. “Whether our users are looking for appraisals, or a quote on landscaping for a potential villa, through our site, they can get in touch with our verified service partners, and at a highly-discounted rate, receive the expertise they require.”

HOD is tapping into the need for a property market upheaval, where the onus to sell, buy, or rent, is on the primary parties involved, and the pace is dictated by personal negotiations and not the requests and monetary motives of a third party. It is certain to shake up the traditional property market with its transparent ethos and emphasis on nurturing relationships between the parties involved.

Potential customers can access HOD.CO through its website or dedicated App, available on Apple Store and Google Play. Registration is free for all with the added provision of purchasable subscription tiers for owners and developers to competitively promote their property.

Originally published at Arabian Post.

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