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Araf OK Summer Soltice 2020

*UPDATE — To be eligible for the goodies, you will need to complete your ride by Sunday 28th June 2020. Please see details on how to obtain a brevet and patches at the end of this article.

AOK-SS2020 — AOK100 & AOK200
Saturday 20th June 2020

The idea is simple — challenge yourself to ride a little slower to go a lot further, over 100km or 200km in one day. That’s it.

Rules & Advice

Don’t be a dick

Don’t go balls deep

Little and Often

Slow is ok

Don’t be reliant on others

Tell a friend

Service your bike

Treat yo self!

The date is not set in stone

Route Planning

Completed it Mate

Join us



Sharing steady as fuck adventures. #slowisok

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