Aragon 0.6 is live on Mainnet

Decentralized organizations just got real

We released Aragon 0.5 seven months ago. Since then, more than 2,500 organizations have been created with it. Counting all Aragon versions, the total number of Aragon organizations now adds up to 15,000+.

That’s more than the number of businesses created yearly in Austria, Malta and Luxembourg combined. Decentralized organizations are here to stay.

Yet all those organizations were running on Ethereum testnets, with no real world implications. Today, that changes. Today, decentralized organizations get real.

Using Aragon 0.6, named Alba, you can now create Aragon organizations on the Ethereum Mainnet. This is a new era for human collaboration. New kinds of organizations that we haven’t even dreamed of before can be now created.

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