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Dirty Projectors — “Up in Hudson”

The first great song of 2017

We talked for like two minutes
But I had a feeling
Something awkward but new between us
Something strong and appealing

And we both had girl and boyfriends blowing us up SMS
But we both knew a mood like this so strong would be wrong to suppress
Felt like it bore the impress of destiny
In a minivan in New England, our eyes met
We said yes and we said yes

Love will burn out
Love will just fade away

And love will burn out
And love will just fade away
And love’s gonna rot
And love will just dissipate

The new Dirty Projectors song ‘Up In Hudson’ is an elegy — to the Obama years, to a generation of indie rock, and to a relationship. Over the course of nine verses and almost eight minutes, the lyrics situate David Longstreth & his band in the vivid textures of the recent past like a millennial Blood On The Tracks. It is a piece of epic storytelling unlike anything else in Dirty Projectors’ discography.



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