Farewell, Medium

Our time on this platform has come to an end

Berny Belvedere
Apr 1 · 1 min read

Arc Digital debuted right here, right on this platform, in 2016. Today, on the last day of March, 2021, we say goodbye to Medium, our host and partner of almost five years.

Arc is not ending. We are transitioning. We’ll be on a new platform in the coming days. But we are leaving this note at the top because this page will remain in place as a repository of Arc’s past work, and we wanted to signal that with a brief note that closes our Medium chapter.

Our relationship with Medium is — and will continue to be — strong. We have nothing but good things to say about this company, about its founder who always believed in us, and about the talented personnel we’ve been fortunate to work with.

Medium will always be a massive part of Arc’s story. It provided the hosting, the resources, the support, and, later, the funding, for us to be able to grow Arc into what it’s become. That’s not something we’ll ever forget.

Signing off,

Berny Belvedere

Editor in Chief, Arc

Arc Digital

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