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Millennials Stay At Home Longer. Is This A Problem?

Should we see it as a failure to launch or as a way of planning for a more successful launch?

The Intergenerational Household

Is the intergenerational household as unique as the media makes it out to be?

The left represents changes in Australian household composition and the right American millennials at home

The Not-So-Empty Nest

According to Melbourne University researchers the central theme of living at home is security, both emotional and economic. Yet there are three significant economic trends which are placing pressure on our sense of security.

The Urban Migration Boom

For decades now, people have been flocking to urban centers, causing an explosion in the population of our cities. New York and London have over eight million residents a piece, and almost half of Australia’s population reside in just two cities, Melbourne and Sydney. Urbanization, the move form non-urban settings to urban ones, has created familiar issues of inefficiency, crowding out, two-speed economies, and affordability.

Wage Price Index Growth in Australia

The Higher Education Obsession

Not too long ago, Michael Bloomberg shocked many by advising young people to aspire to become plumbers or electricians rather than necessarily going for a university degree. This went against the grain, and against the advice we have been preaching for decades. We’ve all been told, at many points throughout our lives, that we need to get a degree.

The Gig Economy

We can’t talk about millennials and living at home without bringing up the gig economy. The millennial mindset is actually fully compatible with, and even animated by, the promise of entrepreneurialism and being a “difference maker.”

Employment and Hours Worked in Australia

The Consequences of Staying Home

The multigenerational household leads to different behaviors for income, savings, and consumption than does the traditional home. Both modes can be broken down into units of parents and children, yet the multigenerational home features adult children. The multigenerational setup generates lots of benefits for the young adult and is thus seen as a highly attractive option (obvious drawbacks notwithstanding).



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