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Sean Hannity, Keurig Drinker

A patriot and his coffee

No, you listen up. Your assistant made the remark during the “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO SPEAK TO OR EVEN LOOK AT SEAN” block in my daily schedule, which is very clearly printed on my dressing room door, in English only of course.

There was a pause.

Yeah, the sign stays up all day — so, what? You think the Fox bigwigs will say anything to me? They’re not gonna say anything to me. I own them. Who do you think pays the bills around here? Tucker? The guy who used to wear bow ties on television like some kind of conservative professor? WHAT THE HELL IS A CONSERVATIVE PROFESSOR?

He continued. Eyes ablaze. The same fire that founded a nation in 1776. He was letting the other guy have it.

Let the liberals have the academic institutions. I know guys who majored in hard knocks. I know guys who majored in Heartland Studies. I know guys who went to Real America U — and afterwards went to Trump U for a doctorate. You get what I’m saying? You don’t need a bowtie for those studies, I’ll tell you that.

Even after he hung up, Sean was still livid. It’s not hard to see why.



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