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Accelerating GameFi with Kucoin Labs — An Arcade Partnership

Arcade is excited to announce its partnership with KuCoin Labs. This partnership brings tremendous value to the project because of the worldwide presence and extensive network that comes with it. KuCoin Labs’ thesis of leveraging cutting edge technologies to create services and access for all people to access the blockchain opportunities resonates with Arcade’s mission of bringing GameFi to everyone.

About KuCoin Labs

KuCoin Labs was founded initially in May of 2018 as the investment and incubation arm of KuCoin, with the belief that “one day, everyone will get involved with crypto.” KuCoin, through its exchange business, is №1 in Globalization with an accumulated trading volume (USD) of almost a trillion dollars! The platform hosts 10 million+ users totalling almost a billion trades! KuCoin Labs harnesses the data and partnership with the exchange to provide valuable insight and connections to portfolio companies.

The team at KuCoin Labs is a group of experts involved since the early days of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. They offer expertise in market research, analysis, investment, and development of early-stage companies through blockchain tech support, ecosystem consulting and token economy design. Because of their diversified investments into projects at a very early stage, this experience translates into the ability to help more builders achieve sustainable growth and success. Arcade recognized the magnitude of value-add services and made it a priority to onboard KuCoin Labs as partner, and looks forward to collaboration in the space.

KuCoin Labs is a highly sought after partner and is supporting many prominent projects, not only in GameFi, but in blockchain as a whole. Of note in the GameFi space, some of their partnerships are League of Ancients, SolChicks, Bloktopia, Galaxy Fight Club, Solace, Cryowar and Starly. Projects that receive partnership opportunities must meet stringent qualifications, as seen in the graphic below, and this speaks volumes about the quality of Arcade!


Twitter: @KCLabsOfficial

Arcade and KuCoin Labs will utilize the partnership to help all those interested in the GameFi opportunity participate to their extent of interest.

About Arcade

Arcade is the GameFi platform that gives token holders the opportunity to earn meaningful rewards and receive valuable education and insights from Play-to-Earn games. NFTs, owned by Arcade and collectors are operated by players or guilds and in-game earnings, strategies, insights and alpha are shared via our revolutionary mission pools infrastructure. Arcade is the Play-to-Earn ecosystem that brings game developers, guilds, players and $ARCADE holders together.

Arcade, it Pays to Play.



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