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Arcade2Earn’s Overview of Play-to-Earn — Empowering The Gamer

What is Play-to-Earn?

What if it was possible to earn financial rewards for those hours of gaming? We all know that there are ways to earn playing video games through ESports (the professional athletes in the NBA, English Premier League and/or F1 Racing). While it’s a gamers’ desire to achieve this level, most will not reach it. But what if it was possible to earn financial rewards for those hours of gaming regardless of the skill levels, experience, and time commitment? Play-to-Earn offers the opportunity for all gamers to earn financial rewards from game playing. The rewards will be commensurate to the ability of the gamer; therefore, it is not necessary to be a superstar to begin earning.

Empowering the Gamer

Video games have traditionally been developed by large companies and funded by stockholders and private equity. This structure meant that revenue earned by the games was shared with those parties and not the gamer. The revenue from the initial game purchase, in-game purchases for upgrades and customization, subscription fees and extensions, all went to the company that developed the game. With the introduction of games being built with NFTs on a blockchain network, the development of games is now funded via the purchases of these in-game assets. Now when players spend money in the game, those revenues are shared with the NFT holders based on the assets owned and the game play activity. This means that gamers will always be able to make some money even if they step away from a game.

Current Example of Star Atlas’ SCORE; In-Game Assets Earning Rewards.

How do I get started with P2E?

  • Create a Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency Wallet —

The Web 3.0 wallet enables you to make in-game transactions, save your progress, and of course, store your earnings and in-game items. NOTE: the wallet that you need will depend upon which blockchain networks the game was built upon.

  • Add Funds to your Web 3.0 wallet –

Once you have created an account on a wallet that is compatible with your chosen game and added it to your browser extension, you are now ready to add funds.

  • Purchase and Starter Assets required to Play –

All 2E games are free to download, however many require players to first purchase characters, items, or upgrades to begin. You may also have to convert your crypto to the game’s native in-game token. — $ILV / Ethereum Blockchain Network — $ATLAS / Solana Blockchain Network



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