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Artificial Intelligence in the Palm of your Hand — Altered State Machine

We are witnessing a pivotal point in the history of mankind. Technological advancements are devouring every corner of the world as it gives birth to a new chapter in the evolution of humans. What was once a planet of simple Homo Sapiens is now a civilization of advanced humans that continue to find ways to increase the standard of living of fellow humans by rigorously investing time and capital into cutting-edge technology that provides creative solutions to the modern problems of the world.

Altered State Machine (ASM) is powering the next wave of technological advancements using artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, and is well positioned to be fueled by the growth of three major sectors; Gaming, a $183bn market, growing at 10%, DeFi, a $53bn market, growing at over 200%, and NFTs, a $6bn market, growing at over 500%.

ASM is creating a next-generation decentralized platform where users can utilize the phenomenal power of AI to build, train and trade AI agents and gain ownership of these agents via NFTs.

Future Potentials of AI Agents

Before we dive into the inner workings of ASM, below are a few of the use cases of AI agents that can be brought to life by ASM;

The potential use cases for artificial intelligence are only limited to one’s imagination and ASM aims to be the go-to platform that helps you achieve your objectives through the aid of AI.

How Does ASM Work?

Each AI bot in ASM is called an agent and these agents are comprised of 2 things:

1. A Brain NFT, which is the core of the Agent

The brain acts as the base NFT of any AI agent and is created with a genome matrix — a randomized set of base values. These base values resemble stats like strength, speed, and size in gaming or risk tolerance and randomness in finance that vary according to each brain and application the agent is used for. (The Genome Matrix uses the concept of a heat map grid for its underlying values. This gives the Agent areas of strength and weakness. Different worlds can map to different areas of the agent’s grid to “express” statistics.) Each Brain is also equipped with a Memory Tree.

2. A Form NFT, which defines physical attributes

The form represents the physical body of an agent. What it looks like and how it works. Forms are specific to a use case (e.g. financial market, game arena). The Form encodes unique visual components, often 3D or 2D artwork, that may be improved, exchanged, and replaced. Forms are the way the Agent’s Brain interacts with the world.

In physical activity-based environments like games and metaverses, forms can enhance and modify Brain base values, and help define how it operates (e.g. wield a sword, kick a ball, pick up an object). In non-physical environments, the form is typically a unique, tradeable skin that helps identify or brand the Agent. The way a Form modifies the performance of the Agent is defined by the application owner, using ASM specifications.


Memories are unique to brains. To improve in skill, Agents need to learn through experience (slow) or training (usually faster). The experience gained or training undergone through agent training gyms (explained later) are stored as memories in the brain’s memory tree. Because they encode machine learning strategies, memories are usually specific to the application the Agent is used for. However, memories from similar applications can be used as base training for another use case that operates using the same or similar characteristics.

It should be noted that some use cases may not require a form, and brain characteristics may be unconstrained. However, this structure will enable the introduction of randomness and hence the depth of specific types of metaverse experiences. This is similar to how various genes produce humans with varying talents or different solutions for identical challenges.

Utilizing the above structure in building up an AI agent, allows ASM to bestow upon its users’ limitless flexibility in the creation of use cases for AI.

Agent Parameters

Brains are minted with random attributes, some rare, some common. The factor of randomness gives some agents an initial performance advantage. Though performance is affected by base attributes, it’s substantially influenced by its training and experience which means a common brain also has the chance of learning a winning strategy.

The base attributes that brains possess create operational features in two main ways;

  1. Expressions, defined by the world or application the agent is used for
  2. Modifiers from the form of the brain

The above two factors play a crucial role in how an agent will behave in a specific world or application. If you wish to learn more about the effects of these parameters, head over here.

The Combination of Agent Components

As mentioned above, an AI agent is created using 3 components. To create complete agents, ASM mints brains and combines them with forms while storing memories learned inside the brain’s memory tree. Though these components can be minted individually, they will be frequently minted in packs. It will allow Agents to operate right away in a world or application, without developers having to mint NFTs in different places, or train a brain from scratch.

To help better understand, take a look at the below table.

Agent Training

The magic of training an agent occurs in a gym; a GPU-powered machine learning model trainer. Training in the gym is a process similar to mining which requires the help of GPUs. The Machine learning model is impacted by the attributes of your Agent. Because each MLM employs a neural network, the results from training your Agent will be unique. Each Agent has a file in which the MLM output is encoded. These are memories that are minted as NFTs every time the Agent works out in the Gym. Memories are linked to a Brain (through the Memory Tree) and are particular to a World or application.

The ASM protocol not only enables the creation of AI agents but also attracts and provides an incentive for GPU owners to host a gym. (ASM is well placed to attract a large number of GPU that go off the grid once Ethereum transitions into a proof of stake blockchain) Gym users pay for the training time using the ASM ecosystem’s token and while a majority is retained by the gym hoster, a small fee is returned to the ASM Dao. Typically, gym hosts would be creators of worlds or applications to streamline the process of training right at their doorsteps.

The Token Of The Brains

The entire ASM ecosystem is powered by $ASTO, an ERC-20 governance token that is equipped with many use cases to lead the ecosystem forward.

The use cases of $ASTO are listed below,

  • Governance (creating proposals for, and voting in the ASM DAO)
  • AI Agent Training
  • Minting Agent NFTs within the ASM universe world
  • Minting Agent NFTs within non-ASM universe worlds
  • Powerups, instant improvements, items, and skins

Earning rewards in $ASTO has never been easier as ASTO holders will be able to earn rewards for using their tokens and for participating in various activities within the protocol while agent owners and developers will be rewarded for using and growing the ASM ecosystem. (These rewards come from the play-to-earn pool under the token distribution structure)

The token distribution is as follows,

Gen 1 and Gen 2 Brains

At the dawn of ASM, the protocol minted out their first set of 10,000 brains for the community under the nametag of Gen 1. Well, to be honest, it’s not just a name tag as Gen 1 brains are packed with a bunch of amazing utilities including,

  • Whitelists for multiple future projects of great caliber
  • Pre-Trained offspring creation (This refers to two pre-trained gen 1 brains generating a ‘Gen 3’ brain with features of both Gen 1 brains)
  • Early access to gym training to get those brains grinding

We already know that 10,000 gen 1 brains are not enough if the goal is mass adoption of the ASM protocol and those badass AI agents.

This is where Genome mining comes into play. To explain shortly, Genome Mining is the process of generating Asto-Energy to mine gen 2 brains. Well, to mine gen 2 brains, you know it requires Asto-Energy but how do you obtain it?

Genome mining is divided into two cycles. The first stage named the production cycle involves users’ staking $ASTO or ASTO-USDC LP on the ASM cortex to generate Asto-Energy. The second stage is called the mining cycle and it involves users using the generated Asto-Energy to mine gen 2 brains.

Gen 2 brains are not far behind when it comes to top-notch utilities. While being a ticket to enter the ASM ecosystem, it will be used throughout the entire ASM gaming ecosystem whether it be AIFA, The Next Legends, or Burndown by Atem Car Club, and will also be utilized in our very own Fluf World and Party Bear avatars to take advantage of artificial intelligence.

With many more partnerships curating under the hood, the future of the ASM ecosystem is at the intersection of vertical growth.

That’s it from us for today but before we leave, here are some more additional utilities for AI agents. Remember, this is just the beginning.

Oh boy, Arcade is hyped up for the future of ASM.

Are you joining the epic movement of spreading non-fungible intelligence around the whole world and democratizing AI? Well, hop on brainiac!

Links to learn more about the ASM ecosystem.

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About Arcade

At Arcade, token holders gain the opportunity to earn meaningful rewards from sustainable blockchain games without requiring NFT ownership. In-game NFTs owned by Arcade and lent by large NFT Curators are operated by retail and pro-gamers or game guilds to generate in-game rewards that are passed along via our revolutionary Mission Pool infrastructure. Arcade is the leading GameFi infrastructure platform that brings together game developers, guilds, gamers, and gaming enthusiasts to facilitate the mass adoption of GameFi.

Thank you for your valuable time.

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The above article is intended at providing the reader with an overall overview of the ASM ecosystem and how its vision aims to shape the future of the world with the technology of artificial intelligence.

If you have any questions regarding our project, don’t hesitate to drop by our discord. Our team will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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We are the leading infrastructure for #Gamefi 👾 | A platform where yield chasers, gamers, guilds, and game developers can all grow in harmony 🌕 | $ARCADE

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We are the leading infrastructure for #Gamefi 👾 | A platform where yield chasers, gamers, guilds, and game developers can all grow in harmony 🌕 | $ARCADE