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Blast off! Arcade to Launch on StarLaunch’s Astropools.

StarLaunch Astropool

Arcade is pleased to announce that its public token launch will blast off on StarLaunch’s Astropools auction pool platform. StarLaunch is bringing a much-needed platform to the Solana ecosystem, similar to what CopperFI offers on the Ethereum network.

What is Astropools?

In short, it is a fundraising platform geared towards bootstrapping liquidity without bots undercutting the viability of fair launches on the Solana blockchain. In January, Astropools will become the first platform available on Solana to host token auction pools.

Auction Pools

An auction pool is a novel token distribution mechanism that provides projects with the infrastructure they need to deliver a fair-launch. Astropools auction participants will have more freedom to decide how many tokens they wish to purchase as there is no minimum or maximum allocation. The price of tokens available through auction pools will begin high before dropping off, based upon a decay curve that changes depending on how users participate in the auction. This process allows price discovery to unfold naturally without the malign influence of bots or rogue artificial intelligences.

Why Auction Pools?

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Arcade’s platform with institutional investors, it was decided that a robust platform like StarLaunch’s Astropools is required to provide the public with sufficient opportunity to purchase the token. The auction pool mechanics will allow for true price discovery of this revolutionary project and not require the Team to set an arbitrary price point, which could be above or below the true value. By allowing the community to determine the market value of the token, Arcade is giving the power to the people that will make this project successful in the years to come.

About Arcade

Arcade is the Game-fi platform that gives token holders the opportunity to earn meaningful rewards, from various Play-to-Earn metaverse games, without requiring gameplay or asset ownership. Arcade owns the assets; and through the strategic infrastructure of guilds (players and game developers) in-game earnings are passed along via our revolutionary mission pools concept.

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About StarLaunch

StarLaunch is a unique and dynamic incubator and launchpad connecting promising Solana projects to early supporters and a network of key partners. The StarLaunch team operates by prioritizing its community first. StarLaunch brings thoroughly vetted projects to its community and protects IDO participants with an in-house insurance program.

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We are the leading infrastructure for #Gamefi 👾 | A platform where yield chasers, gamers, guilds, and game developers can all grow in harmony 🌕 | $ARCADE

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We are the leading infrastructure for #Gamefi 👾 | A platform where yield chasers, gamers, guilds, and game developers can all grow in harmony 🌕 | $ARCADE

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