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3 min readDec 16, 2021


What started out as putting a banana on a spaceship has turned into a revolutionary platform that breaks down the barriers to unlock the potential of metaverse play-to-earn blockchain gaming.

The Arcade team originally had the notion of starting a game guild that would focus on Star Atlas, but after extensive market research and countless discussions with potential investors, partners, gamers, and crypto enthusiasts, it became clear that there was a deeper and more interesting problem that needed to be solved.


It was discovered that having the most lucrative exposure to the metaverse comes at a high cost. Furthermore, the time and energy required to keep up with blockchain games tied to these virtual economies can be a full-time commitment; making it very easy to fall behind in the GameFi space. Currently, holding a game’s native token is one way to gain exposure, but the question becomes “how much value are you leaving on the table?”

The solution is Arcade, where Defi meets GameFi. The Arcade platform, powered by Solana, is the go-to GameFi infrastructure that offers crypto enthusiasts and institutions alike, the opportunity to stake their interest in real in-game activities and earn their share of the rewards generated. This is accomplished without the need to play or fully understand the complexities of each blockchain game.

With Arcade you can partner with the best of blockchain gaming, and benefit from the experience of game guilds. We believe that professional game guilds are best equipped to extract the optimal reward from blockchain games, making it possible for the average user to sit back and save themselves the time, energy, and resources required to achieve the same level of success.


Arcade can be considered as the foundational layer, or infrastructure, on top of which the metaverse play-to-earn ecosystem will operate. The four pillars, consisting of gamers, guilds, developers, and earners, each have a reason to interact with the platform. It’s this mutually beneficial attribute of Arcade that enhances the experience of all roles within the space. Arcade is not competing with any of the pillars but is adding value to each in a carefully strategized manner.


The Arcade token, known as $ARCADE, is the medium through which participants interact with the platform. $ARCADE holders can stake their interest in mission pools and earn rewards from real in-game activity executed by game guilds. The platform will start with highly anticipated titles such as Star Atlas and Illuvium, with additional titles to be announced in the future.


The Team at Arcade has a mix of talent and experience not usually seen in blockchain start-up companies. Drawing on knowledge learned from roles in traditional finance, banking, IT, software and web development, marketing, operations, risk management, equity trading, and last but not least, crypto. Hence, the Team is melding the cutting-edge technology of blockchain with core business fundamentals, all to ensure the project is successful for all stakeholders. Expect future articles covering this Team, the Advisory Board, and the vision they have for Arcade.


Arcade is nearing completion of its seed & private round fundraises, with a public token sale expected in the next couple of months. With support from some of the biggest names in crypto and blockchain gaming, the Team is equipped to go to the moon. Development is underway on the infrastructure and each day the Team discovers new possibilities for the platform and its users. While it’s true that spaceships are not built in a day, Arcade is not wasting time on project initiatives.

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