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Gameplay That Is Expected To Blow Minds!

A decade written in the books of history. A decade to remember. A decade of technological revolution.

The emergence of blockchain technology has ushered a new wave of innovative developments in the tech industry including the introduction of Decentralized Finance ( Defi ) and Non Fungible Tokens ( NFTs ).

In the past year alone, news and information about DeFi and NFTs have been breaking the internet and traditional media. Internet searches regarding what blockchain technology is all about, continues to grow and the eyes on the blockchain industry is at an all-time high.

Amidst the continuous developments, like an entry of a hero in a blockbuster film, rose GameFi. With the help of blockchain technology at its core, utilizing both DeFi and NFTs, it was finally possible for an individual to earn an actual income while engaging in a game they love. Just like a miracle sent from above, a highly centralized industry where big game developing companies reaped all the rewards is turning into a player-owned industry where users are given priority. The new concept of play to earn is paving the way for a self-sustaining industry where both players and game developers benefit, rather than being a one-sided affair.

It is without a doubt that this concept will provide a lot of individuals an actual income or a side income that they can use to increase their living standards.

But, as with any new revolutionary technology or concept comes struggles and challenges that have to be faced along the way.

A few months into the Play to Earn movement, we have seen that certain problems have arisen regarding the long-term sustainability of the model. Critics have been criticizing their greatest ability of how the model will likely fail in the future. Will that prediction actually become true? We here at Arcade have evidence that the P2E movement is not going anywhere.

The main problem that has been in everyone’s mind for a while is, since blockchain games provide a way to earn a real income, the interest in these games comes more from investors who want to turn a profit than from gamers who will actually play the game for entertainment, which is what is actually needed for the long term sustainability of blockchain games.

A game at its core requires players who are constantly active and playing the game. Just as electricity is needed to run an electrical device and fuel is needed to run most vehicles, players are the electricity and fuel of games. Without the game’s ability to constantly attract new players into the game, it will lose its ability to survive in the long run as a thriving game.

Those who are playing the game, in the beginning, will constantly extract value from the game as their intention was to extract value without injecting value back into the game.

Even though there is an inflow of capital at earlier stages of the game, as the game is played for a while, the extraction of value, as the core objective, will result in the massive outflow of value from that game, leaving it unsustainable.

Well, what is the solution?

Upcoming blockchain games should be able to attract players for its gameplay and entertainment just as any other game in the traditional space and use the feature of being able to earn rewards from these games as a bonus attraction. The gameplay should be attractive and constant updates should take place to attract new players to the game.

Simply, the concept of Play to Earn becomes Play and Earn. Where the emphasis is put on the game’s ability to provide a fun experience for the players, rather than being able to turn a profit, while playing the game. We believe that this twist in narrative will lead the blockchain gaming industry to its next milestone.

Another problem blockchain games often have is a high barrier of entry. Large capital is often needed to play the game without not knowing whether the game will be satisfying to play or not. This issue is being addressed by introducing and integrating a free-to-play aspect to the game where players will be able to play a part, or a mode, of the game for free and then choose whether or not to inject capital into the game.

Even if players do not have the initial capital needed to participate in the game, after enjoying the gameplay, players can use the help of guilds to get around the high barrier of entry.

Is there a game in development that has the above features to take the blockchain industry to the next level?

Drum roll, please…

Enter Illuvium

Illuvium is on a mission to take the blockchain gaming industry to the next level through its AAA quality immersive gameplay where they intend to build a fully player-owned, self-sustaining economy that rewards players for engaging in the in-game ecosystem.

To know more about Illuvium and the basics of the game, please check out our previous article here.

As a game building the future of GameFi, let’s hear from Kieran Warwick, Co-founder of Illuvium on why he started building Illuvium in the first place.

“ The gaming industry has always experienced rapid growth. Manufacturers and publishers are continually pushing the limits of technology to make games more immersive, easier to access, and more fun to play. In the past, NFT games have been boring with low-quality graphics and lackluster stories, which also makes the underlying technology seem bad. But we know this is not the case, and that is why we decided to build the first AAA game using blockchain and NFT technology. We want to show the world the potential of a real-world economy within an exciting universe of interoperable AAA games.”

The game is currently in the private beta phase and limited spots are being offered to players to test out the auto battler survival mode.

Our CEO, Joshua Poole, is really excited for the future of Illuvium after playing the private beta. Let us hear what he has to say.

“ The Illuvium private beta is more fun and addictive than most fully shipped games that I have played. It is incredible what the Illuvium team has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. It’s hard to believe that this title is not produced by an existing top-tier studio.

It’s hard to believe that this experience is only a private beta, with limited functionality and characters to work with. We’re currently looking at 5% of what Illuvium will be, and that’s truly exciting. I can’t wait for the ability to not only battle with a computer via “survival mode”, but to enhance this already AAA experience, by being able to battle and contest with real people. Tournaments, collecting, battling… there is something for everyone.”

Just after reading that, don’t you feel really pumped for Illuvium’s gameplay?

But reading something and actually seeing the beta gameplay are two different things so here is our Ceo engaging himself in Illuvium’s immersive experience. Enjoy.

Players are required to be precise and strategic throughout the game and choose one’s actions carefully as every choice counts. Illuvium is equipped with one of the best strategic gameplays a game has seen and this will help the team constantly attract new players to the game.

The game has detailed, realistic, and cinematic level graphics which will hook the users into the game and keep them entertained and engaged.

After playing the beta, the voices of critics are pretty silent. Can you hear them? Can you?

Want to know more about the game-changing the future of GameFi?

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We are bullish on the future of blockchain gaming, Are you?

Have a great day and Invest wisely.

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