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3 min readMar 2, 2022


Arcade is excited to announce its partnership with Crypto.com Capital as its lead backer. Arcade chose to align with Crypto.com because, well simply put, they are on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. This, combined with Arcade’s dedication to lowering the barrier of entry to play-to-earn games and rewards, makes this a strong fit for Arcade.

“Arcade is bringing an entirely new perspective to play-to-earn gaming by allowing anyone to access games without even needing to play or own assets directly. We’re proud to back this disruptive project by leading Arcade’s funding round,” — Bobby Bao, MD of Crypto.com Capital.

Crypto.com Capital Founded in March 2021, is the venture arm of Crypto.com, and invests in Seed and Series A crypto startups. With US$500mm earmarked for investment, Crypto.com Capital seeks to accelerate the growth of early-stage crypto startups, and operates on the principle of being ‘Founders First’. Crypto.com Capital seeks to form long-term strategic partnerships with founders, and to grow alongside them in their business.

Arcade’s CEO, Josh Poole, was quoted as saying “Having support from Crypto.com Capital as our lead backer is a big deal for the future of GameFi. As one of the world’s leading exchanges and drivers for crypto adoption, they educate newcomers into the crypto industry every day. Arcade has taken it upon ourselves to do the same with educating and welcoming newcomers into the GameFi space, and as such this makes for perfect synergy between us. Together, we’ll work to lower the barrier of entry for play-to-earn and simplify the GameFi experience for all.”

About Crypto.com

Founded in 2016, Crypto.com has built a strong “one vision, one global team” of 3000 employees in 90 countries and 30 communities. Their leadership team has decades of experience in building businesses from $0-$100 million relating to finance (banking and payment systems), engineering (blockchain/systems), retail, cybersecurity, and digital marketing, to name a few.

Crypto.com believes that Web 3.0 powered by cryptocurrency will be the future of the internet and will be fairer and more equitable; owned by the builders, creators, and its users.

“We believe it is your basic right to control your money, data, and identity.”

Twitter: @cryptocom
Medium: Crypto.com

About Arcade

Arcade has always been all one needs to experience GameFi. With a marketing approach that is truly worldwide, having a presence in over 15 regions and many languages.

Dedicated to their mission of lowering the barrier of entry to play-to-earn games and rewards, a lion’s share of Arcade’s outreach efforts has been focused on lower-income communities that are often responsible for producing the world’s top gamers. Arcade is ushering in a truly unique opportunity, giving anyone the opportunity to participate in the metaverse.

Arcade “It Pays To Play” now supported by Crypto.com




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