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Pledge Your Loyalty To The Karrot Gang — My Pet Hooligan

We are amidst an era where advancements in technology never slow down. Every single day, pioneers steer the cruise of cutting-edge technology reaching destinations that were unknown to mankind. Whether it be a breakthrough in machinery or a newfound drug that cures a sickness, humans are eating innovations for breakfast. With confidence, we can include our very own GameFi space as one of the highly innovative spaces that offer tremendous value to those who choose to adopt it.

Being the centerpiece of gaming and finance, blockchain gaming is poised to witness unprecedented growth as a large flux of users storm into embracing this magical industry. One industry holds the key to more than 3 billion gamers while the other holds billion-dollar opportunities that are awaiting to be unlocked by GameFi as it moves inch by inch toward mass adoption. Well, mass adoption sounds super exciting but who will lead us there?

While in search of great teams of creatives that put gameplay and community first, we stumbled upon a team with an aspiring vision to help the overall space reach new milestones.

Welcome to the Resistance

Developed by AMGI studios, a team of talented individuals, My Pet hooligans brings together narrative, high-grade animation, engaging gameplay, and blockchain technology into one tiny ecosystem to provide an immersive experience for its users. With the purpose of disrupting the traditional gaming giants that suck the life out of passionate gamers, the whole ecosystem is built around a resonating narrative that features a set of rabbit hooligans rebelling against the evil corporate overlord, Metazuckbot.

What began as a passionate NFT collection of 8888 unique pet hooligan 3D characters, has propelled into what it is today with the support of its community. The hooligan ecosystem aims to be an industry brand that provides a suite of animation products and a top-tier Web3 gaming title, built on top of unreal engine 5.0.

Core Focuses For My Pet Hooligan

Here are the 3 goals that the team visualizes to achieve for this fun ecosystem;

  • Develop the highest quality Web3 experience using proprietary tools and technologies
  • Build a Web3 integrated game that is high quality and fun that finds its position amongst the best games in the wider gaming marketplace
  • Build a fun, social, and immersive platform that transcends gaming

IP Rights

What are NFTs without true ownership? To hold true to that base utility, My Pet Hooligan holders are given commercial rights to the specific NFTs that they own.

Though holders gain commercial rights, AMGI Studios reserves the right to use any My Pet Hooligan NFT for any in-game, marketing promotion, or additional endeavors.

It’s time to put your creative hats on and commercialize those badass hooligans!

Into The Rabbit Hole

Get ready to go on a fun-filled journey where thriller meets extravaganza as the ecosystem’s gaming title, The Rabbit Hole, slowly releases out for gameplay.

The foundational narrative of the Rabbit Hole takes users through an ongoing inter-faction struggle for resources caused by MetaZuckBot. Factions must compete for the various resources required to construct one of the most valuable substances in the Rabbit Hole… Karrot Cake.

Currently passing through the alpha testing phase, version 1.1 of the game features new weapons, interiors, and a few more stimulating updates but is aimed at gaining community feedback to build out the foundational actions of the game (Running, jumping, and shooting) so that the users feel a sense of fun and excitement from the get-go. As the community experiences this amusing rebellious world, the team will focus on tweaking out extra little details for the game to present a sense of in-depth animation and creativity.

The team welcomes the community to explore the world, fight Zuck bots, fight each other, and help them to better understand how to build this game for you.

Without further ado, find below a trailer for this compelling gaming title.

( The rabbit hole trailer comes here — )

Although the availability of different game modes is not scheduled for the near term as the title is still in initial development stages, here are some of the core game modes that will be featured in the game:

  • PvE gameplay
  • Battle Royale
  • Resource Management
  • User-generated game challenges ie. team vs. team death matches, where users could place their own bounties

The rabbit hole will feature season-based gameplay and each new season will usher in new map extensions, new features, and new game modes.

If you can’t wait to try out this early release, here is a link to download and dive deeper into the rabbit hole — Here.

The Token of the Hooligans

The entire My Pet Hooligan ecosystem including the rabbit hole is powered by the $karrot token and is aimed at providing maximum value to its users.

The ERC-20 token with a fixed supply of 1,000,000 is equipped with several use cases that help attract new loyal users into the ecosystem. They are as follows,

The $karrot token will act as the central point of value transfer within the ecosystem and also contains a synthetic version of itself.

S-Karrots is the synthetic version of $karrots and lives within the metadata of each hooligan. Users can accrue S-Karrots by staking one’s hooligan and it will be convertible for $karrots during the token generation event, closer to season 1 of the Rabbit Hole game release.S-Karrots will also allow you to claim future NFT drops, merch, token claims, admission to events, alpha, and more that will be revealed over time.

For those who are in search of ways to earn $karrots, look no further than down below.

Outside of the video game, the Rabbit Hole experience will be augmented by other play-and-earn options. These games ($karrot games) will create contact points for people of all ages in the community, not just video gamers.

As we all know, a token’s distribution structure can make or break its ecosystem. Understanding how the ecosystem token is distributed and how it helps maintain the sustainability of the ecosystem is crucial for anyone interested in joining the community. Well, here is how the $karrot token is distributed.

Though it’s subject to change, to know in-depth about how different pools will be using their $karrot allocation, click here.

The Others

In the ongoing rebellion against metazuckbot, the hooligans alone have a narrow chance of emerging victorious as the friction between them develops. They are in dire need of help but who will come through in aid of the baddest bunnies in town?

The Others’ will be the second collection from My Pet Hooligan, centered around the next set of characters that will be set loose in The Rabbit Hole. The Others will not only bring value back to genesis token holders but also allow for new entrants into the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem and Rabbit Hole game.

The Others will be a collection of 12,000 NFTs, of which 8,888 will be mintable only via S-Karrots. All genesis MPH token holders will have an automatic access pass to ‘The Others’.

The Future of The Hooligans

The team aims to seek exclusive partnerships with industry-wide brands to offer limited drops for community members. This includes popular clothing brands, prominent artists, and other projects building in our industry.

My Pet Hooligans is partnered up with industry titans such as Delphi Digital and Yield Guild Games to better expand their ecosystem. These partnerships along with AGMI Studios’ pre-existing associations with Epic Games, Unreal, Coldplay, and Netflix, provide a solid basis for the expansion of the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem within and outside the web3 realm.

We hope this article provided you with an overall roundup of My Pet Hooligans and its viable ecosystem. If you wish to learn more about the Karrot gang, please refer to the links below.

Website —

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We are the leading infrastructure for #Gamefi 👾 | A platform where yield chasers, gamers, guilds, and game developers can all grow in harmony 🌕 | $ARCADE

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We are the leading infrastructure for #Gamefi 👾 | A platform where yield chasers, gamers, guilds, and game developers can all grow in harmony 🌕 | $ARCADE