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The Game Talk Show Recap — With Illuvium — 04/10/22

The Game Talk having started a few weeks back has managed to gain the spotlight and bring on countless fundamentally concrete blockchain gaming projects that aim to uplift the standards of the GameFi space by building titles that focus on delivering enjoyment into the hands of the gamer. The community has gotten the opportunity to listen to the “why” that drives the creative visionaries spearheading the teams behind these said titles and their goals for the future. Sneak peeks into behind-the-curtain developments, project alpha, and numerous updates in line for the future have been shared live and the community has been enjoying the charisma of our hosts in engaging with our featured guests.

Though we don’t have to repeatedly explain the amount of value that the Game Talk Show brings to our viewers, sometimes it can be difficult to allocate an entire hour or more to watching or listening to a GTS episode. Let’s be honest; it is not a crime to be busy and we understand the day-to-day tasks that our viewers need to attend to that might cause them to miss out on GTS episodes. With that reason in mind, we are beginning a new article series that helps you gulp down the important ideas and conversations being shared in GTS episodes via quick and small summary articles that help keep you productive and on your way. Well, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Featuring Illuvium

On Tuesday, the 04th of October, The Game Talk show brought upon Kieran Warwick, a Co-Founder of Illuvium and TSG, a Web3 content creator, and the Influencer Manager at Illuvium to talk about all thing brewing inside the mighty Illuvium ecosystem.

At the start of the show, as the speakers were chitchatting until the Twitter space gathered enough crowd, they were joined by a surprise guest, the only and only Miss Teen Crypto who went on to mention that she believes the key to bringing the Gen Z generation into blockchain and Crypto industry lies within blockchain gaming.

The show officially kicked off with Jorge asking Kieran what is the multi-year vision for Illuvium in terms of the roadmap and what is in store for the community. Kieran went on to narrate to us a funny story of how he got addicted to playing and running around in the not-yet-released Overworld which is the massive multi-region open world of Illuvium and how internal developments in terms of fighting Illuvials in the open, harvesting resources inside the Overworld and many more features have already been built up. He also iterated his excitement for a future of interoperability where the 3 AAA games currently under development inside the Illuvium ecosystem (The Auto Battler, The Overworld, and The City Builder) share an interoperable experience of being interconnected and using the same in-game items. He also mentioned how Illuvium has been evolving as the space around it evolves and how Illuvium is now home to a multi-genre gaming ecosystem that can be enjoyed by various types of gamers.

As an answer to one of Jorge’s questions, Kieran also mentioned that he believes the arena-styled auto battler has a lot more opportunity to attract players where it is targeted at an already built audience of more than 100 million traditional auto battler theme-loving gamers who can be convinced to onboard the Illuvium ecosystem through its gameplay, quality, and massive character collection. He also went on to say that looking into the distant future the team will also consider focusing on building games for different genres such as a first-person shooter or a Mario cart-themed racing game, etc under the same IP.

Kieran told the listeners that within the next few months, betas for all 3 games will be out and before they expand their portfolio of titles, they wanted to work on bringing the current productions into the top-tier level. Using the bulk of characters available in Illuvium, the team wants to bring a sense of connectivity to players with the characters inspired by Pokemon where early traditional gamers can also be onboarded to the ecosystem driven by past experiences entangled with Pokemon. Wishing to integrate the phycology of collecting into Illuvium, the team has started leaking profiles and personalities of each of the illuvials and they have already gone on to create immersive lore that backs each and every character that enters the Illuvium ecosystem.

When asked from Kieran, what would bring Illuvium into the ranks as a top-tier game, he simply screamed, quality. The in-depth nature of graphics whether it be general movement or actions used in fighting or whether it be audio inside the game, everything is prioritized so as to bring out the best version of the game. Running away from general breeding mechanics that other Web3 games explore, Illuvium together with its tokenomics has introduced a unique way that enables decreasing the supply of the Illuvials through fusing and a change in the meta of illuvials from time to time will provide interesting and strategic gameplay for players. Spilling some alpha along the way, Kieran mentioned that every Illuvial has different characteristics and stats which means even if you possess the same type of Illuvial as any other player, your illluvial’s stats and characteristics will be different from other Illuvials of the same type.

While the guests expressed how they want to build out a well-thought long-lasting ecosystem filled with fun on top of a layer of high-end quality, Miss Teen Crypto fired a friendly question towards our guests on how they plan to make their ecosystem sustainable going forward. Showing love for asking such a question, Kieran told the listeners that all the games currently under development and all the games yet to be planned and produced will all be free-to-play. He mentioned that in order to onboard traditional gamers who prioritize fun and doesn’t know much about crypto should be hooked upon the quality and fun of the gameplay and not on the benefits of blockchain and that is why the team at illuvium will offer non-custodial wallet services for non-crypto native gamers who want to explore the ecosystem and later at a date when they fall in love with the benefits of blockchain, offer a one-click migration service to transfer one’s assets to one’s wallet. The hosts were hyped up by this answer as they also believe that this would be the secret recipe for mainstream adoption.

With an inspiring tokenomics model that re-distributes 100% of revenue made from the ecosystem to the stakers, the Co-Founder also spoke about how they are intending to catch both PC and mobile gaming markets by allowing the Arena and City Builder games to be available on mobile and The Overworld to be available on PC for the time being.

When asked by Jorge how would Illuvium strive to attract e-sport players, Kieran went on to say that they are already in conversations with 3- 4 major e-sport brands and what all these organizations are searching for is actual competitive-based quality gameplay that comes par with traditional top-tier games that Illuvium aims to deliver.

Lastly, Sharing his thoughts on the future of blockchain-based ownership and interoperability, Kieran believes that in terms of ownership, a hybrid system is the way to go where not all items inside the ecosystem but only the items that possess actual true value to holders should be converted into NFTs. He cited that a future of interoperability is at least 10 years away from the present and for now whenever they go about a partnership with another ecosystem they provide the characters under the Illuvium IP since any technology for interoperability has not been completely built yet.

The space was no doubt a knowledge zone where Kieran continued to drop multiple upcoming updates and alpha that keeps us excited for the future of the Illuvium ecosystem.

That is it, folks.

We hope these summarized articles help you stay updated and aware of all the exciting developments and conversations exchanged in The Game Talk Show,

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