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The Game Talk Show Recap — With Shrapnel — 06/10/22

On Thursday, the 6th of October, 2022, The Game Talk Show featured Francis Branklin, the business development analyst of Shrapnel, and Tony from the marketing team to talk about the exciting ongoing developments at Shrapnel and the bright future that awaits this AAA Web3 game.

After indulging in one of the finest cinematic trailers the blockchain gaming space has been fortunate to see (Click here to see the cinematic trailer of Shrapnel), this GTS episode officially kicked off with our co-host Jorge asking for a quick introduction of our guests.

The guests started off by saying that they had received immensely positive feedback for their cinematic trailer, with the community showing love all around social media for the high-end quality and narrative of the trailer. The guests said that with their CEO being in charge of leading the creative team that developed this trailer, many partnerships with traditional Hollywood and gaming industry titans came in handy. Many exceptional individuals, including Riot Games’ creative director, the camera crew from the movie series Extraction, and also stuntmen from the cinema franchise, John Wick, have given a lot of support to the team in developing this epic trailer. Undergoing a fraction of the cost that usually entails this type of quality production, the team at Shrapnel has been able to reach par with traditional gaming companies, showing off their expertise and efficiency. When asked by Jorge about when we can expect some gameplay footage to go along with this hyped-up trailer, the guests went on to drop some alpha by telling us to keep our eyes peeled for the 10th of October.

The hosts asked Francis, who is in charge of business development at Shrapnel, what type of partnerships Shrapnel needed if they desired to reach and remain in the top ranks. Francis preached that most of the companies that are currently out there in the space just want to take but not give, where Shrapnel wants to move away from that stereotypical notion and focus on partnership with equal value exchange while also partnering up with those who have the correct ethos and attitude in mind as these partnerships are meant to last for the next 5–10 years.

Going along with the subject of long-term vision, when asked what the community can expect from Shrapnel in the next 6–12 months, the guests replied by saying that their priority lies in redefining the user experience, where the entire process from downloading to playing the game should not feel any different than the process attached to a traditional game. They mentioned that while the community will be able to experience the gameplay inside Shrapnel sooner than they expect, they are going to focus on onboarding traditional gamers by promoting the competitive skill-based nature of Shrapnel that is built upon a layer of high-end graphics. Jorge added that as a gamer, while he was excited about the actual gameplay of Shrapnel, he was equally excited about how Shrapnel could utilize the gifts of blockchain technology to bring in additional revenue for the ecosystem without hurting the privacy and security of the users.

Answering a question about the specific chain that Shrapnel utilizes to provide a seamless experience for its users, Francis mentioned that the reason they have chosen to build on a sub-net of the Avalanche blockchain is to provide a gas-free experience for the user, going in parallel with the core values of the Shrapnel ecosystem. Taking the frictionless nature further, fiat on-ramp/off-ramp will also be available using trusted payment providers such as Mastercard and PayPal. On top of it all, all these measures taken to streamline the user experience will occur on the back end, which allows users to do what they do, just play the game they love and adore.

The hosts believe that the winning formula for Shrapnel lies in their team, where a combination of Web3 native individuals along with highly experienced traditional game developers provides a unique perspective into building an overall engaging game that puts their focus on community and entertainment.

In reply to a question asked by Dr.Jpeg, Francis noted that what separates Shrapnel from traditional FPS games is how they aim to utilize the features of blockchain technology. Showing their excitement for the creator tools that Shrapnel provides, the guests believe that while everything is on-chain, the trustless experience that comes along with it will play a major role in distancing the ecosystem from other games. Whether you are a noob or a pro in game development, there is a place for everyone at Shrapnel, where the creator tools provide the features you need according to your expertise and a marketplace that allows you to sell your precious creations in turn for a specific price or a re-occurring percentage of fees.

Shrapnel’s operator NFT collection currently available in public marketplaces aims to be the OG gateway into the ecosystem with early testnet access and decision-making power, built-in lore, comic books for each of the 5 characters, and access to behind-the-scene developments, etc.

While our hosts were continuously trying to get our guests to show some alpha-gameplay footage on the show, the guests said that when it comes to other games that they are excited about in our Web3 space, arcade-style games like NFA and games like Illuvium and Star Atlas building in stealth mode take a special place in their hearts, which they believe will bring on mass-adoption along with Shrapnel. Also, adding to that, they mentioned that some team members of Shrapnel along with Tony, will be present at TwitchCon to network and grow their partnerships.

The guests also said that since music NFTs are gaining popularity in the industry and Shrapnel, as a pioneer in the space, has already added the utilization of music NFTs to its roadmap. Coming around the one-hour mark, the hosts requested the guests to leave some final thoughts and a message for the other builders working hard in the space. The guests preached that true partnerships are the way to go and that having a fun attitude is a must as we are in one of the most competitive industries in the world.

It was a pleasure to have Shrapnel on The Game Talk Show and we hope to see them once again as new developments in the ecosystem unravel. Here at The Game Talk Show, we are super excited for the future of Shrapnel.

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