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The King of Crabs — Crabada 🦀

Wanna know about a game making a name for itself in the blockchain gaming industry by providing lucrative rewards for its users while asking for minimal effort in return? Sounds too good to be true?

Crabada! Crabada! Crabada!

Can you hear the community cheering? Crabada is wreaking havoc amongst the Play to earn community by providing players a unique opportunity to earn some exciting rewards while sacrificing only a minimal amount of one’s time.

Built on top of Avalanche, a leading layer 1 blockchain, Crabada is a fully decentralized play-to-earn idle game based in a world filled with fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs called Crabada.

You must be thinking to yourself, did I just read that Crabada is an idle game that provides exciting rewards to its players? Yes! Yes! Yes! You read it right. Crabada is attracting a lot of players with this unique value proposition.

With the aim of being fully decentralized, all Crabadas live on the blockchain and all transactions are processed on-chain.

To play the game each player is required to own at least 3 Crabadas.

A quick look at the different types of Crabadas…

There are a total of 8 Crabada classes.

There are a total of 8 Breed Types in each Class which leads to a total of 64 unique Breed Types.

Each Crabada has unique strengths and abilities which are inherited through breeding.

A Crabada’s base attributes are determined by its class. Certain classes of Crabada enjoy higher base attributes which come with special advantages.

Also, each Crabada has 6 body parts that serve as an additional modifier to the Crabada’s attributes.

The above information is just a teaser to inform about how Crabadas will be valued as there will be different Crabadas with different attributes and skills.

Please click here to know more about what makes a Crabada special.

Players can bring out the maximum potential of the team by balancing the composition of Crabada classes, combining skill synergies, and positioning Crabada strategically in battle.

How will a player be able to earn?

Explore the ancient thriving Crabada Kingdom once ruled by Crustaco, King of the Crabada, and earn rewards by engaging in in-game activities such as looting, mining, breeding, and battling. Determine the future of your crab kingdom and lead it towards glory.


Let your Crabadas do the hard work for you. Deploy your forces to mine valuable treasures.


Raid other players that are mining and claim your rightful share of the treasure! But beware of grudgeful enemies!


As Charles Davine once said, It is not the strongest that will survive but the most adaptive. Build your forces in a way that, it will help you conquer future threats to your kingdom ( future game updates and meta changes ) while helping you be on top in the present! In short, Build yourself an adaptive, unique, and strong Crabada force from descendants of the golden era.


Ready your forces! The upcoming battle game is going to be intense as players fight to be the best.

The tokens of Crabada Economy

The in-game economy is formed by two tokens with great utility.

CRA (Crabada) — CRA is a governance token that is rewarded via staking and playing the game during the incentive period.

TUS ( Treasure under sea ) — TUS is the in-game currency earned via playing the game. TUS can only be obtained exclusively through gameplay.

The governance token has a maximum supply of 1billion tokens and currently trades at a price of $0.52 while the in-game currency with an unlimited supply trades at $0.038.

To know more about the tokenomics of Crabada. Click here.

The Tavern

Own extra crabs or need to rent one? The Tavern is the part of the world of Crabada where players go to lend or hire crabs.

Players that have idle Crabada can deploy them to the Tavern. These Crabada are added to the pool of available Crabada-for-hire and in return, the lender gains $TUS when one’s crabs are hired.

Players who require crabs for a specific activity can hire them through the tavern by paying a specific sum.

Hear what our Chief Investment Officer ( CIO ) has to say about Crabada.

“Crabada is a game that looks to take what Defi kingdom has achieved and developed with $jewel ( The game’s main token ) to the next level on the Avalanche Blockchain”

Let’s take a glance at the future

The most anticipated update, the launch of the battle game is scheduled for May 2022.

The gameplay was developed over the past couple of months and it is aimed at adding additional features to Crabada to grow and attract more users to the game by offering more fun factors.

Let’s watch some early gameplay footage of the battle game!

Swimmer Network

While the team is continuously providing new updates to the game,
Crabada will be launching on Swimmer Network, a subnet on the Avalanche Blockchain in may 2022. This strategic decision leads to users paying gas fees using $TUS instead of $AVAX which will add more utility to the $TUS token which will helps drive more demand towards it.

The launch on Swimmer Network is aimed at providing a more frictionless user experience and help onboard more users easily.

The team is targeting a ~85% reduction in operational costs for players with the move to Swimmer Network. In addition, a percentage of network fees will be burnt. The initial burn rate is projected at ~25% of all network fees, and planned to be scaled up to ~80% as the network grows.

When tokens are burned, the supply is lowered, which is a positive factor for $TUS even if demand remains constant. ( Basic interaction of market forces come into play as demand increases or stays the same while supply reduces which leads to an increase in token price )

Swimmer network which leverages the security of Avalanche, requires validators to run an Avalanche Node, and stake $CRA on a time-lock validator contract for the duration of validation. Validators will earn the balance of network fees after burning, based on the the weight of their staked $CRA.

Is it a good time to take a look at Crabada?

Let us hear from an industry expert about why it is the best time to get into the kingdom of Crabada.

Jonny aka Hustlepedia from Crypto Banter, a youtube channel which helps everyone change their lives through investing in Cryptocurrencies, is really bullish on what Crabada is doing!

This 6 tweet thread by Hustle explains why he is really bullish about Crabada’s future.

He also added that, “Now that the crabs are at a lower price, it actually allows non-whales to come in and be part of the game. Most people did not have the capital to own multiple teams at former all time highs. So this game has a 2 sided demand right now. When the price of $TUS is low, crabs become actually accessible to the average investor. When $TUS is up, everyone is happy because the yields are up. Swimmer Network will take the gas prices down a ton, which is the only real thorn in the game right now. Now with $TUS as gas, at that high of a transaction rate, this is crazy bullish for the future of the game.”

Crabada holds its position as the top protocol with the highest number of transactions by covering more than 60% of the total Avalanche chain transactions.

Even in the current overall dull market, Crabada continues to be the highest yielding play to earn game in the market with over 400–600% Apy.

The Defi Kingdoms token, $jewel, experienced a spectacular rally building up to the game’s launch on its own subnet. The same thing is happening with Crabada, and while the market is bullish for $TUS, demand for Crabs will continue to rise as Guilds sweep up floors to provide scholarships in line with the launch of the new upcoming battle game.

Not convinced? Here is what’s in store for The Kingdom of Crabada in the future…

Is it the best time to invest in Crabada? You tell me 😎

— — — — — — — — —

This guide is aimed at giving you a basic introduction to the world of Crabada, to get you up and running.

if you want to dive deeper into the structure of how Crabada operates, be sure to take a quick look at the game’s whitepaper and website linked down below.

Whitepaper —

Website —

Join the community!

Twitter —

Discord —

Have a great day and Invest wisely.

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