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Understanding The Basics Of Arcade’s Mission Pools

Aren’t you glad to be alive in a decade where technological advancements continue to help improve the standard of living of the world?

Aren’t you glad to be alive at a time when some of the greatest minds in the globe are working towards building a decentralized future where people's
lives are being transformed on a daily basis?

Aren’t you delighted that you are early to this revolutionary blockchain gaming space and you are reading this article to be ahead of others in embracing & witnessing the future of GameFi?

With a vision of making it accessible for everyone no matter their financial or living standard to be a part of the play-and-earn movement, Arcade strives to be the go-to platform for everything GameFi.

Whether you are financially incapable of making an investment to have ownership of premium in-game assets


Whether you lack the gaming expertise required to participate in the upcoming wave of immersive skill-based games


Whether you lack the time and energy required for gaming due to having a busy schedule

Those are problems of the past.

We here at Arcade are pushing the boundaries of technology and pioneering a solution that enables every single person who is interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have their piece of the pie.

At the core of what Arcade intends to build, lies mission pools, the most essential component of our DApp. Without Mission Pools, Arcade would be incomplete. Everything that Arcade plans to accomplish is based around our Mission Pool concept which is intended to take the world by storm!

What is a Mission Pool?

A Mission Pool represents in-game activities of any game which generates sustainable rewards. Whether it be a Star Atlas freight transport from one planet to another or a month of harvesting resources from an Illuvium land or using a group axis to compete in arena mode in Axie Infinity.

A mission pool will be flexible and can be created according to the needs and requirements of specific in-game activities. Endless possibilities await our concept but what does a mission pool honestly look like?

Here is a little peek at what our Mission Pools would look like inside the Arcade DApp.

How does it all work?

For a Mission Pool to be executed successfully, it requires the support of two parties.

1. Mission Pool Operators ( MPO ) — MPOs are anyone who has been approved through a vetting process to play games using in-game NFTs owned by Arcade’s treasury or lent to Arcade by ecosystem whales, which are used to generate rewards for our community. A criterion for becoming an MPO is that participants will have to lock a certain amount of $ARCADE tokens to operate mission pools. However, Arcade reserves the right to approve, not approve, or revoke access.

Note - While hosting a large number of individuals to manage our ever-growing plethora of mission pools, initially, Arcade will partner up with guilds to operate our Mission Pools.

2. Mission Pool Contributors ( MPC ) — MPCs are token holders who get to decide which MPOs and in-game activities they wish to support by depositing their $xArcade in a mission pool( $xArcade is the synthetic version of $Arcade which is pegged to the value of $Arcade). The deposited $xArcade is locked in the mission pool and returned upon completion along with a proportionate share of the rewards. $xArcade is collateralized by NFTS which are operated by the MPOs, ensuring that the deposited tokens are never at risk of loss. In exchange for MPCs contributing to the growth of the platform, they are entitled to receive some exciting rewards.

An overview of the overall process

At the initial stages of the DApp, Mission Pools will use in-game assets owned by Arcade itself. Too complicated to understand the whole process? Let us explain in simple terms.

Arcade partners up with up-and-coming thriving games built with sustainable economies that have long-term development plans to provide value to its community. The research team here at Arcade goes out and does all the research in the back end before choosing the games as we believe quality is more important than quantity.

Secondly, our research team together with MPOs curates appropriate mission pools for each in-game activity that we believe will provide sustainable long-term rewards.

After a mission pool is created, the guilds and MPOs that Arcade has partnered up with will use the assets owned by Arcade’s treasury or lent to Arcade by large investors to engage in in-game activities to generate appropriate rewards.

For a mission pool to be initiated, $ARCADE holders ( Mission pool contributors / MPCs ) will need to contribute a certain amount of $xArcade which will vary according to each mission pool. ($xArcade will not be traded in the open market and will only be used inside the DApp)

For example, A mission pool that operates harvesting resources of Illuvium land might require users to contribute $10,000 worth of $xArcade tokens. (this is an assumption only)

Users who contribute $xArcade tokens will gain a portion of the rewards generated by the mission pool. According to the above example, to start the harvesting mission pool, it is not compulsory to fill up the total amount of $10,000. The mission pool will start at the predetermined time and distribute the rewards to users who had contributed $xArcade tokens at the end of the mission pool.

There will be a variety of mission pools available from various games for Arcade users A.K.A Arcadians to choose from and support.

Rewards from mission pools will be distributed as $xArcade tokens and Arcadians can keep accumulating and re-contributing tokens to new mission pools to keep earning exciting rewards continuously.

Rewards from mission pools will not have a guaranteed APY but below each mission pool will be some statistics, displaying how the mission pool has performed previously and the APYs yielded.

At first, in-game assets used in mission pools will be owned by Arcade itself but as we scale, MPOs and outside parties who own in-game assets that aren’t being utilized can use the platform and lend them out to mission pools and earn appropriate rewards in return.

The rewards earned through the mission pools will be distributed among a few parties proportionally for safely returning home after a tough but successful mission. They are as follows,

  • The NFT owner
  • Arcade
  • MPC
  • MPO
  • Bonus rewards pool

We believe in a multi-chain ecosystem where not only one but multiple Layer 1 blockchains sustainably coexist. With that thesis in mind, Arcadians will be able to gain rewards from any game residing on any blockchain as our platform is built for a multi-chain future.

Enough reading yeah? Now let us view a graphic from our lit paper that visually explains the mission pool concept.

Ps: We have a world-class research team that works day and night to carefully choose the best games that suit our objective of providing sustainable rewards to our valued community.

We hope this article enables you to grasp the idea of our revolutionary mission pool concept which you will be utilizing a lot in the future.

Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed it so far, don’t forget to leave some claps so that we are able to reach more GameFi enthusiasts.

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Have a great day and Invest wisely.

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