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Why Should You Add the Illuvium Crypto Game To Your Portfolio?

Metaverse is envisioned as the foundation of an era of connectivity and a new economy where users can interact and freely transact. The journey of Metaverse has been an exciting one so far. It first entered the public eye when Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta — formerly Facebook, was going to explore the space of social media and communication on the Blockchain.

However, even before Mark Zuckerberg envisioned metaverse, it was already an existing, thriving ecosystem — complete with a booming property market. Decentraland contrived metaverse and game-fi, enabling users to build VR games, social apps, offices, and even entire cities. Through gaming, Decentraland captivated a community of passionate supporters. It aimed to achieve a decentralized economy on its platform to be more transparent and user-accessible.

Now, the advent of play-to-earn games significantly adds to the vision of decentralizing the economy — especially when it comes to fair revenue distribution between game projects and their users. Besides presenting an immersive gaming environment, projects like Illuvium and Star Atlas offers users with amazing earning opportunities. In this blog, we will look at one such project, Illuvium and analyse why you must add it to your investment portfolio. So, let’s get started!

Into The Illuvium Game World

Illuvium is an open-world, RPG adventure-based game built on the Immutable X blockchain. Illuvials, the monsters that gamers (hunters) battle against to capture, are represented as NFTs. These NFTs can be traded on OpenSea or the marketplace specific to Illuvium, IlluvDEX, for gains in general and in terms of activating higher levels within the game.

Illuvium has a multiplayer arena where winning battles against other players generates Ether. Some of the standout features of this game are:

  • The game incurs zero gas fees as it uses a layer-2 scaling solution. Immutable X processes transactions off chain and bundles them together, thus improving scalability and reducing gas fees significantly.
  • It preserves the privacy of users through a cryptographic proof mechanism called zero-knowledge proof. This verifies the possession of a specific data without divulging the information to the network. It’s an unique approach in comparison to other popular blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum where transaction records exist publicly.

Illuvium Gameplay

The gameplay of the Illuvium crypto game is pretty simple — you fight against monsters called Illuvials. They can be caught with shards* after defeating them. Collected Illuvials see their powers increasing the more they fight. These Illuvials can be used to explore more dangerous areas of the Illuvium game and also to fight other players. That being said, let’s look at the various elements of the Illuvium gameplay.

  • Shards

Do you remember playing the Pokémon game? If you answered a yes, you surely do remember the function of Pokéball that would be used to capture Pokémon, right? Shards work very similarly to Pokéball, as they capture Illuvials.

Shard is a silver crystal that is mined from the surface of the planet. Ancestors of the Illuvium world discovered a way to harness the power of Illuvials by capturing them in shards.

  • Combat

When the battle begins, Illuvial finds an opponent and attacks it. Illuvial gains energy as it inflicts damage on the opponent. After reaching a particular energy limit, Illuvial unlocks a special ability and can change the course of battle. This ability differs from one Illuvial to another. The battle ends when a team has been defeated.

  • Catch

In Adventure Mode, players can capture defeated Illuvials after a victorious battle. To do this, they must use the shards that come with different catching powers. Chance of capture is determined by Illuvial and captured power. If you succeed, Illuvial is yours, whereas failure will cause the Illuvials to flee.

  • Resource collection

You need to locate and mine resources from the surrounding environment to operate your futuristic weapon. With the help of this futuristic weapon, players can capture more powerful Illuvials and combat high-tier players.

  • Fusion

Fusion is the combination of three same-level Illuvials who have attained the highest level through combat. In the Illuvium game, Illuvials can’t evolve. It is through merging they grow stronger and more powerful.

Illuvium Coin

ILV coin (Illuvium) and sILV synthetic illuvium coin are two ERC-20 cryptocurrencies that help to power the Illuvium game. Users have the option to choose between ILV (Illuvium) and sILV as their favorable currency to receive rewards. If players choose ILV, they will have to wait for one year to unlock their rewards-as ILV comes with a locking period of one year. This locking period ensures high liquidity between ILV and other coins. However, there is no lock-up period for sILV coins and they act as an in-game currency for purchases.

What Makes Illuvium a Good Investment Option?

With the launching of its ILV coin and its staking platform, Illuvium has already garnered a lot of attention and trading volume. Since its debut, the price of Illuvium has increased steadily. While the gaming principles are similar to those of other blockchain games such as Axie Infinity, Illuvium offers more outstanding product features, feel, and functionality.

To invest in the Illuvium game, you can either purchase the ILV tokens or support the game by depositing the tokens on the Illuvium staking platform. Lastly, by trading in-game NFTs. Here are some reasons as to why you may consider adding Illuvium to your portfolio.

  1. The ILV token is listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges

Most crypto exchanges like Binance,, OKEx, and CoinSpot have listed ILV coins for trading. Presently you cannot trade ILV directly. You need to purchase bitcoin and exchange it for ILV. However, you can buy any of the coins paired with ILV.

  1. Diverse In-Game Investing Options

You can invest in the Illuvium game by depositing ILV and sILV tokens in contracts and generate annual yields.

  1. Supporting External NFT trade-Ups

Lastly, you can choose to trade a valuable NFT that you have generated by accomplishing an in-game task on OpeSea or IlluvDEX . Players in the illuvium game can acquire numerous types and rarities of magical monsters (Illuvials). With stronger weapons, armours, injections, and shards, players can acquire more uncommon illuvials and rare beasts, all of which are NFTs. When the Illuvials are captured, the player can use them in battle or sell them on an NFT marketplace platform for a rewarding profit.

It is also a common practice to purchase valuable Illuvium NFTs and add them to one’s portfolio as this game is catching the wind as we speak and will soon catch the fire. Well known Dapp ranking site, DappRadar already includes Iluvium in its list of the 10 best Play-to-Earn games of February.

So, it goes without saying that investing in Illuvium is a viable option. But could there be a better way of knowing that this game will follow along the trajectory of sustainability? Holding the game’s native token is one way to gain exposure. But how much value are we leaving on the table? There’s still an initial cost to enter this game which is an entry barrier for many expert gamers who could drive up the game’s overall value further if given a chance to participate.

Arcade is one solution to participate in Illuvium without an initial investment. In other words, Arcade helps Illuvium to open its gates to a wider population of players. Irrespective of the degree of participation, Arcade allows its community to earn meaningful rewards from Play-To-Earn games.

Arcade To Earn

Arcade decentralizes the investment opportunity for everyone with its revolutionary Mission Pools. These pools are composed of various game activities, like harvesting a piece of Illuvium land for one month. Players are incentivized for winning in-game targets as they earn the $xARCADE tokens which one would be able to collect and swap for real money.

A system which thrives on the sentiments of the sheer joy of playing games and winning them unadulterated by barriers like an upfront cost is conducive to the success of blockchain games like Illuvium. In addition, Arcade offers anyone the opportunity to contribute to these pools to strengthen them with their investments.

Illuvium is already a part of such a pool that not only is about to tap into a larger number of players, but also is going to welcome investments from all corners. In collaboration with Arcade, Illuvium is looking at long-term sustainability for itself from here on, transforming from a blockchain game to an asset class. This is what makes it one of the best games to invest in at the moment.

Learn more about the earning opportunities from Arcade Mission Pools here.

Final Thoughts

Illuvium gameplay is highly user-centric. It boasts features like Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized exchange integration and development, incentivized staking, zero gas fees, and fast transactions. Integration of Illuvium game and Arcade enhances earning opportunities for emerging players and gaming enthusiasts. Arcade aims to be the first of its kind platform for play-to-earn games.

With Illuvium onboard, Arcade can utilize the gameplay of Illuvium in its Mission Pools and reward users. To participate in the mission pools, one will need to deposit the $xARCADE tokens in these Mission Pools. One will also be able to participate in the Mission Pools by lending their NFTs to the Mission pool operators- the ones who actually play the game.

Follow Arcade on social media channels — Twitter, Discord, and Medium for the latest developments, invites, and sneak peeks.



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