ArcadierX at Emergence 2019 Sydney: Australasia’s flagship conference for investment and capital raising

Greetings Arcadiens!

Our team was recently in Sydney, Australia where we had the opportunity to meet esteemed investors and share ArcadierX at Emergence 2019 Sydney, Australasia’s flagship conference for investment and capital raising, hosted by Wholesale Investor.

As one of the few selected projects on showcase, our management team and advisor had the opportunity to meet with investors, introduce ArcadierX and explain why we are enhancing our existing platform with blockchain technology.

Mr Bradley C Hughes, ArcadierX’s advisor and ardent supporter, presented a pitch on ArcadierX from the stage in the main ballroom of the Sydney Intercontinental Hotel, showcasing ArcadierX at the conference.

Bradley shared the story of ArcadierX and how it is solving the twin problems of discoverability and trust facing the eCommerce industry with blockchain technology through two key products, Arcadier Hub and Trust.

ArcadierX advisor Mr Bradley C Hughes pitching ArcadierX to investors at the conference

A win-win-win situation for all stakeholders with Arcadier Hub and Trust

As an inventory matchmaker, Arcadier Hub allows sellers to publish inventories inter-hub. Demonstrating through the example of an existing Arcadier multi-merchant eCommerce marketplace that sells sneakers, Bradley highlighted how individual merchants could seamlessly and conveniently use Arcadier Hub for easy inventory sourcing and integration. Making it a win-win-win situation for all, not just for merchants but also consumers through enhanced product discovery.

“Reputational certainty of an Uber driver rating system or random lottery of a taxi driver?” was the question Bradley posed to the audience. He highlighted how ArcadierX aims to solve the current trust issue afflicting online marketplaces through Arcadier Trust, which enables blockchain-based ratings, review and reputation service.

Bradley also further shared with investors on what makes ArcadierX a worthy investment and updates on the project:

The marketplaces space as a highly scalable global market opportunity

  • Global B2B eCommerce is projected by Frost & Sullivan to reach 12 trillion USD in sales by 2020. The long tail of eCommerce is estimated to be between 12 million and 24 million stores — ArcadierX expects to meet 1% of longtail users by close of 2022
  • ArcadierX is confident of acquiring as many as 240,000 marketplace participants, including wholesalers, retailers and marketplace operators, on the core platform of Arcadier Hub and Trust in the first three years of full operations

How ArcadierX strives to gain market traction

Phase 1

  • Many existing Arcadier customers want what ArcadierX will deliver — their stock in more places
  • Customer acquisition will be driven by an inclusion strategy. For existing Arcadier marketplace customers, access to Arcadier Hub and Trust will be free for 6 months initially

Phase 2

  • The second phase will be driven by strategic partnerships including offering loyalty and rewards incentives
  • ArcadierX will take a commission off transactions, with monthly and platform fees payable in ARCX tokens boosting revenues
  • Beyond Arcadier Hub and Trust, Arcadier customers will identify four additional service components — transactional payments, supply chain provenance, trade finance, AI/machine learning for analytics as key to 2019 to 2022 business evolution

ArcadierX investment updates

ArcadierX management team and advisor sharing and connecting with key investors and communities during the exclusive conference

“Right company, right leadership team, at the right moment, riding the trend towards hyper-vertical, hyperlocal marketplaces“

— Bradley Hughes, ArcadierX investor, strategic blockchain advisor and digital marketing strategy on ArcadierX

ArcadierX would like to thank all the communities for their overwhelming support and keen interest. We hope to see you at future events and stay tuned for more updates from ArcadierX!

Disclaimer: Nothing posted by representatives of ArcadierX, its community managers, or community members should be interpreted as, taken as, or constitutes investment advice. All written comments are opinions of individuals and any investment is a risk that individuals take themselves.


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About ArcadierX

ArcadierX is a project designed and developed by world leading marketplace SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider, Arcadier to deploy and integrate blockchain and advanced technological enhancements onto Arcadier’s existing marketplace platform in a phased approach.

These new capabilities aim to develop Arcadier into a fully integrated intelligent eCommerce ecosystem comprising of core blockchain characteristics focusing on aspects such as inventory distribution (Arcadier Hub), reputation trust (Arcadier Trust), payments traceability (ARCTX), provenance assurance, trade financing and data analytics.