Arcana Network — Community Update — January 2022

The past few months have been an exciting time for us at Arcana. Our testnet was made live and we’ve had developers from across the globe signup and try our decentralized storage platform. With testnet out of the way, our engineering team is currently working on stabilizing the platform, fixing bugs, and implementing features for the beta testnet that will go live in the near future.

Apart from our testnet, hiring has been the other area that saw remarkable progress. We now have a world-renowned crypto researcher and computer scientist on our team. To find out more about what we’ve been upto on the community front, including the events and initiatives we’re a part of, continue reading.

Project Updates

Testnet launch

Our testnet was launched on November 18, 2021, and opened doors for web3 builders to explore our platform– a decentralized storage network and a privacy stack offering decentralized identity and access management, end-to-end encryption, and non-custodial key management.

More than 2000 developers eagerly awaited the testnet launch and tested the functionalities of our platform, building DApps for a wide range of use cases. Around the same time testnet went live, we also launched a bug bounty program with rewards up to 25,000 USDT.

Find out more about our testnet 👉

Bug Bounty Program

The bug bounty program was launched hand-in-hand with the testnet as we wanted devs to test our access control and data integrity, migration and integration from other infrastructures such as IPFS or Metamask, and see if new use cases for our platform would emerge. Rewards for critical bug reports were set as high as $2000 to $4000. Winners of the bounty program were announced on our Twitter handle and received rewards. The program, in essence, helped us discover bugs on our platform, identify bugs that slipped during deployment, and better prepare for beta testnet and mainnet launch in the time to come

Bill Buchanan Joins Arcana Network

Bill Buchanan, a professor, crypto researcher, and computer scientist, is now part of our team. He joined us as an Applied Cryptography Researcher and is currently working with our engineering team on our DKG. Learn more about Bill and his work 👉

Platform Update (Concise Version)

Much of the latest updates to our platform revolve around the changes we’ve made to our auth SDK, developer dashboard, and storage node. Our website has also undergone major changes and went through a design overhaul. A new careers page has also been added. And oh, we are currently hiring for Arcana. Visit —

Here’s a snapshot from our latest platform update:

  • Repositories of the gateway node are being refactored, and minor changes are being made to the storage SDK and developer dashboard.
  • The website has been redesigned for making our value proposition clear. A new Careers Page has also been added.
  • The explorer and validator dashboard are both undergoing design changes.
  • CI/CD is being configured for all the repositories.

Read the full platform update blog for January 2022 👉

Events & Initiatives

Mayur & Crypto Experts discussed Bitcoin’s Whitepaper

Commemorating the Bitcoin’s Whitepaper, completing 13 years, our CEO Mayur and renowned crypto experts discussed the whitepaper and the impact Bitcoin has had over the years on our Twitter Space.

Yourstory Interview

Our co-founders Mayur Relekar and Aravindh Kumar were interviewed by Yourstory, a leading platform that publishes stories about startups and entrepreneurship. The interview covered a wide range of topics, starting with the need for decentralized storage to what the Arcana platform is capable of. Check the full interview.

Arcana Developer Guild

Arcana has always championed Web 3.0, and is continuously striving to provide value to the community at large. The Arcana Developer Guild (ADG) is an attempt to solve a common constraint faced by most builders in Web 3.0– lack of access to talented developers.

Over 50 developers have completed the Cohort, and our cohort launched this week with 35 developers across for institutions. We currently shortlist every candidate for the cohort and in future hope to offer materials and resources for those who did not get selected.

ADG will help students interested in blockchain and Web 3.0 with curated content while taking them through various cohorts as they upskill themselves. Our ultimate aim is to foster a culture of learning and encourage the next generation of Web 3.0 developers to emerge. For the first cohort, ADG is being launched in ten colleges across India. Learn more about ADG from our blog post 👉

A Session on Samir’s Secret Sharing by Saurav

Our blockchain developer, Saurav Kanchan, conducted a session on Shamir’s Secret Sharing, sharing details as to how the algorithm plays a key role in our platform.

We’ve also written a full-length blog post about Shamir’s Secret Sharing. You can check it out here.

Launch of Arcana’s Discord for Developer Community

Arcana’s Discord for the developer community has been launched, and currently has close to 1000 developers on the server. If you are a developer and are looking to network with fellow developers, Web 3.0 enthusiasts, and engage in knowledge sharing, join immediately–

Arcana Assemble– Our First-Ever Community Call

Around the last week of December, we organized our first-ever community call and spoke about a wide range of things, from our platform updates to the roadmap for 2022.

Arcana 2022 Privacy Predictions

Privacy is becoming increasingly important with growing time and users are only becoming more aware of ways to reclaim their privacy. We at Arcana are flag bearers for the idea of “privacy by design” and are always on the lookout for various ways to improve privacy. Based on the insights we’ve gained over time, and reviewing the current trends, we’ve published our privacy predictions for 2022.

Read the full blog:

That’s about it for our January’s community update. Follow us on our socials to stay up to date with all our latest updates– links below.

About Arcana Network

Arcana Network is a decentralized storage layer for Ethereum, offering storage for DApps built on EVM compatible chains, such as Ethereum, Binance chain, and Polygon (Matic). But Arcana doesn’t stop at storage. To fully realize the privacy and data ownership benefits of decentralized storage, you need a suite of services, which are currently not decentralized. Arcana fixes this with its Privacy Stack. Arcana’s Privacy stack offers Decentralized Storage that is end-to-end encrypted, Non-custodial Key Management Services (KMS), and Decentralized Identity and Access Management.

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